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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fall Break Minus One

Yay for fall break! Boo that middle school does not get fall break. Daisy, Lijee and I spent the week playing and relaxing without our Zekers. Somehow fall break lost some its luster when the three of them weren't off together so we couldn't take a cool family vacation like we have in the past. But the three of us enjoyed our time off regardless.

We went to the movies one day. I think they liked the popcorn, soda and candy as much as the movie experience itself.
 Look how different these two are when it comes to pictures.
 My boys found time to snuggle up and watch a movie during the week.
 We went on a hike and fossil hunt. The Daiser and I love to find good fossils for our flowerbeds. Elijah is not fond of fossil hunting, but he didn't have a choice.
 One afternoon the three of us got to go to Zeke's school and watch his poetry recital. Here they are warming up with mouth stretches.
 I just put Chuey in here cuz she's so cute.
These two don't remember all those zoo trips we took when they were younger. So we hit the zoo over break.
 Look at this cute little guy reading his map.
 I treated them to lunch out on the way home at The Mellow Mushroom. They loved all the bright painted chairs and cows.
 Our last adventure for the week was the Benbrook Heritage Festival.
And that concludes our busy fall break. #photonotposed

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