Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pie (squared)

One morning this week I dropped Eli off at Grannie's.  As I was leaving I was greeted by this cute little doggy at my car.  I patted it and it was so friendly that I scooped it up in my arms and went back inside to show Eli the cute little puppy.

Upon my return a few hours later, not only did I find Grannie and Eli outside enjoying the beautiful day, but there was that little doggy, still hanging around, tail still wagging just as fast.  She skipped over to see me.  My heart melted as I watched Eli run around and this precious little doggy just hopped along after him, tail wagging, happiness exuding from both of them.

It was shortly after that Vivi dropped the bomb--that sweet little doggy appeared to be pregneck (as Daisy says it).  That explained why a dog as tame and sweet as her had no collar.  Knocked up and kicked out.  How sad is that???  Too sad for this pet lover.  I sent my hubs a few pictures and videos and asked if we could bring it home.  To my amazement he said ok.  Of course, I left out the preggars part.  I thought I would let him see how cute and sweet she was first.

I sent some pictures to the Humane Society and we posted a few in the neighborhood.  If someone is out there heartbroken that they lost this sweet little thing I hope we connect.  Unfortunately I don't think that's the case.

This cute lil punkin doesn't let me get more than 2 feet from her.  She is a true lap dog.  I must admit it makes me feel like my grandma as I sit here typing holding my doggy on my lap (especially since Grandma had chihuahuas and this is some sort of chihuahua).  She just wants a person to call her own and love on her.  She's a beautiful golden fall color, therefor we have decided to call her Punkin Pie.  You know, to go with Frito Pie.
It is at this point that the doggy and I are giving each and every one of you those big puppy eyes.  Can you help us out and find a few puppies a home?  Please?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zero My Hero

Zero The Hero comes to school.
Zero The Hero, he's so cool.
Zero The Hero saves the space,
So all the other numbers can stay in their place.  *yeah*

Today was our 100th Day of School.
I see it as a personal victory of 100 days without a tardy.  However, we have 80 left, so I can't get too cocky.

Back to the matter at hand.  Daisy decorated her shirt with 100 pictures.
10 blue raindrops
10 purple grapes,
10 orange carrots,
10 green apples,
10 turquoise rings,
 10 white snowflakes,
 10 yellow flowers, 10 red hearts, 10 rainbows, 10 white letters,
 and one hot mess who's growing up way too fast.
The 100th Day of School holds a spot near and dear in my heart.  Twelve years ago I was prepping for the 100th day and there was this cute boy in Axis who agreed to be so cool and come to school to be 
Zero The Hero.
He's still Zero My Hero.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines At the Most Exclusive Place in FW

Star Hill Cottage was the place to be;
A candlelit dinner reserved for three.
The meal was so fine,
The servers divine.
A perfect way to celebrate the V(Day).
My big love and I teamed up to make our little loves feel special on Valentine's Day.  We gave our kiddos a date night at home.  We promised a candlelight dinner, their choice.  Spaghetti was the entree chosen by them, steamed veg was the side chosen by us.  They asked if they could use real glass plates and cups (poor things are used to plastic cups and paper plates…they have butter-fingers, don't judge).     They really enjoyed the champagne glasses.
They were easily impressed with my serving skills and wondered how I learned to do it so well.  'Sirs' and 'Ma'ams' were being thrown around from both servers and patrons.  After being served his shaved parmesan cheese Eli replied, "Thank you, Ma'am Mommy."
After dining they pulled up their cooking chairs to help make dessert.
It appears the fudge was a hit.
Happy Valentine's Day!