Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


We spent a long overdue weekend with our great friends The Shaws. Mostly did a whole bunch of nothin' and it was perfect. They are the kind of friends where you can go long periods without time together but you pick up right where you left off. Except our kids keep getting bigger and bigger as a reminder that it's been too long.
So the pool water was really cold. Of course the kids didn't mind. I totally lost track of how many times they got out of the pool to get dressed because their lips were blue and they were shivering. Then about  5 minutes later they got their suits back on and were in the water again. Over and over and over.
I spend most of my life being chilly and Abe spends most of his sweating. It only makes sense that he has to get in the pool when the water is cold.
I do love him and appreciate him (for more reasons than just cold swimming, but that helps).
What's a party without fire and s'mores?
Round two the next morning.
This picture about sums up our weekend:
unencumbered fun.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Agape League

High in the mountains above a city near you, 
Earth's noblest heroes have begun to assemble in the Fortress of Virtue…
On this day, a day like to other, they assemble together--
The Agape League.
 The Fortress was about to crumble because Ironblade forgot his real identity when he was in Surburbania City on a mission for a brother and sister named Jess and Jeffrey Sandler. Cue the Daniels kids.
 The 3 of us worked together in MusicPraise this year. Zeke and Daisy auditioned for a part in the musical in December and we practiced once a week from January until show time in May. 
Daisy enjoyed every part of the performance, from every practice up through show time and after. There was a brief point in time that Zeke was over practice and performing. But he persevered and performed like a boss. Actually he performed like an angry brother named Jeffrey and he performed it to a T.
 "Don't do it Jeffrey, she's MY doll."
 "I'm never ever going to play with you again."
 "I'm sorry I was being a pain. And I'm glad you're my brother."
"I'm sorry, too. I guess I have a lot to learn."
 Unite Agape League!
curtain call
 They both had wonderful performances. 
I couldn't be more proud.