Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Monday, January 28, 2013

My 15 Seconds

Here it is, folks, my 15 seconds of fame. 
(Well, more like one second, but who's got the stop watch running?)

Here's the first scene.
The Board was just being dismissed at the beginning of the scene where JR busts in and interrupts.
Look closely on the right.  That's me standing up.  That was the chair where the late Larry Hagman stood behind me and complimented us board members for looking so 'real.'

Here I am again.  Note I am wearing different clothes.  Big time extra, with a change of clothes and all.  I borrowed the necklace from wardrobe.  This scene took several shots.  The extras hair dresser gave me almost as much attention between takes as Rebecca Sutter's gave her.  It was a humid day and I had fly-aways.
 And here it is zoomed in just a bit.
Aaand just a tad closer.
Did you notice the way I was holding that pen?  Method acting, people.  That totally made the scene believable.  And how 'bout that discerning look?  A gob-smacked board member immobilized by the tension in the room.  Obviously.

Daisy didn't like that I was sitting by boys.  One of her 4 year-old friends saw me while watching with his mom and said, "That's Daisy's mom!  Is she at work?"

To top it all off, some friends of friends described me with 2 adjectives that have never been used synonymously with my name--beautiful and glamorous.  HA!

Dallas, Season 2, Episode 2 on TNT
(If you missed it live you can watch it on tnt.com.)

And scene.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Two Dos Twa Deaux

My 3rd baby turned 2 today.
Birthday breakfast.  
(Don't judge.  We're not morning people.)
Birthday car.
Birthday scooter.
Big birthday box.
Licking some birthday beater.
Birthday cake.
Birthday wagon.
Birthday boy.

Happy 2nd birthday to my Little Lijee.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Battle of the Sexes

I love that my baby boy is all boy and my girl is all girl.  This is what was happening on opposite ends of the house today:
And I love that my Zekers is the philosophical one.  We have been having late night conversations about what love feels like and what it actually means to live forever in heaven and how is that even possible.
Such unique little people that have stole my heart.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

How Much Does Daddy Love His Little Girl?

This much.

{Full disclosure}
  When he and Daisy started playing dress up Daddy said absolutely no pictures.  But ladies, you know when a girl feels pretty she can't resist getting her picture taken.