Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Saturday, June 18, 2016

You Had The Power All Along My Dear

We have the one of the best grannies ever! She was kind enough to take us with her to Bass Hall to see The Wizard of Oz. Originally the plan was to take all 3 kids, but Elijah and I discussed it and decided he probably didn't want to sit quietly for a couple hours to watch a musical. Not his cup of tea--neither a musical nor sitting quietly. Lucky me, I got to take his place.

Here we are on the way in. You can see the angels with the trumpet on the building behind us.
One of my favorite childhood movies.
 Bass Hall is a class act.
 On the rooftop before the performance.
 My girly-girl doing a Marilyn Monroe on top of the vent.
 Daisy had plans all day for us to take a selfie.
 'Half time,' as Daddy referred to it.
 'Intermission' is another word some may use instead.
 A couple minutes into the ride home.

George Dubya In The Flesh

Every year second grade does a living history museum. Our very own Daisy was the one and only George Washington. And a very good George I might add.

"I symbolize strength and courage."
 She told George's story in first person. "First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of our countrymen."
 I assume Mr. Washington was not always as angry as he appears in this picture.
 Lijee is learning all about our first president.
 I love how these three love each other.
Well done, Michelle's class!

Livin' Vicariously

I always wanted to take piano lessons as a little girl but it never happened. Now I get to do it through my daughter. 

Daisy decided she wanted to play so Grannie got her a keyboard for Christmas and made it happen. Daisy loves it! Her teacher Mrs. Sarah says she's a natural.

The Daiser had her first piano recital recently.
 She nailed it!
Look how talented she is with her hands crossing.
 When she was finished she had the cutest little smile.
 Mrs. Sarah
Her first song was Dream Echoes which was beautiful, and The Bare Necessities was a duet with Mrs. Sarah.
So proud of you, Daise!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Eight is Great!

Eight is great and so is our Daisy!
 Started the day with Grace and Roger who slept over.
We then headed to the park.
 The boys were proud to give Daisy their presents.
 You know I gotta get my traditional birthday pictures.
 Per Daisy's choice, we went to the mall to spend her gift card and cash.
 We rode those little motorized animal things. It was fun!
 The birthday girl got to chose dinner--Freebird.
Last gift of the day.
 We celebrated at school the next day with brownie bites.
 Her new keyboard.
 This little firecracker keeps us on our toes. She's smart, funny, loves the Lord and her family, and I love her to pieces. Happy birthday, Daisy!

Splashing Into 8 With Cousins

    What's better than a three-day birthday weekend started with a party with classmates on Friday? A three-day birthday weekend started with a party with classmates on Friday, followed up with a cousin party on Sunday!
We played with the water slide and water balloons and water guns for a long time.
Those water balloon things that fill 40 balloons at once and tie them for you? Revolutionary. I will never tie another water balloon again.
There was a bit of rough housing going on outside with the boys, 
 and some dress up going on inside with the girls.
The Daiser and Grace decorated her cake all by themselves.
 (It says 'Daisy' and '8' in case you can't see that even though it is clearly obvious.)
 We played some Hoopla and Chickenfoot. Ba-gock!
 Even little Chuey played with us.
 Fun day celebrating our Francesca.