Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


If we need a little art in our lives, we can always count on Grannie. This time she took us to The Modern to see the KAWS exhibit. 
 Zekers studied KAWS in art class at school, so he knew about it before we went.
 Thanks for keeping us cultured, Grannie!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

American Girls

Part of Daisy's Christmas present was a lunch date for her, Grannie and me to the American Girl Bistro in Dallas.
We worked on McKenna's hair the week before so she would be ready to go with us.
 Those are not Princes Leia buns on Daisy, regardless of what you might think at first glance.
 They served the fruit in cute little hearts, as well as the brownies in our hot fudge brownie sundae.
 The napkin rings were cute little hair pieces that we got to keep.
 McKenna got a booster seat and her own little cup.
Grannie said Daisy could pick something out. We almost got McKenna's ears pierced, but the two-hour wait changed our minds. Daisy opted for a cute little swimsuit.
Christmas experiences make such good memories!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

4th Annual NYE Hourly Envelope Countdown

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the 4th Annual NYE Hourly Envelope Countdown:
12:00 noon -> trip to The Shaws.
1:00 -> hike around the yard followed up with dynamic stretching
I couldn't see Jason's eye actually roll, but I'm pretty sure I heard them rolling with each exaggerated sigh as Abe introduced each stretch.
2:00 -> play a yard game
 Throwing Ninja stars was the game of choice. Had DiDi been present when that was picked, it might have been vetoed. However, she wasn't, so Ninja stars it was.
 1 point for a hit, 3 points for a stick
*No participants we harmed in the playing of this game, although I did have my doubts going into it.
 Zeke, Eli and Matt's team won; Matt may or may not have been the deciding factor.
3:00 -> obstacle course:
over the horse swing
 kick the football into the net
 over and under the bars
across the hay bales
 push ups
through the boxes
shoot the gun
 touch the goggles
 through the trees
throw a rock into the net
run back home
4:00 -> polar plunge
5:00 -> board game
The game of choice was Left, Right & Center.
I won one round and my prize was a scratch off lottery ticket. I won $4!
6:00 -> try a new food and make fondue
Smoked gouda cheese and carrots dipped in fondue were the new foods tried by these yahoos.
7:00 -> play a musical instrument
This is where the party moved outside by the fire.
 8:00 -> dance party
 For all the kids out there these days, this is the running man.
 9:00 -> make s'mores
 10:00 -> tell a joke, discuss a cool profession you would like to do, and tell a weakness you want to make a strength this year
11:00 -> scavenger hunt
 12:00 midnight
May we all have a blessed 2017.