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Monday, December 18, 2017

Let Freedom Ring

All three Daniels kids performed in CCBC's 2nd Annual Children's Music Ministry Program.

Dress rehearsal required a bit of waiting.
Zekers sure looked dapper in his bow tie.
Charles Daniels was quite busy. He is involved in hand bells, the middle school choir called Acclaim, and the acting group called Stage Right. Here he is playing bells.
This is Acclaim.
Here are my 2 littles in MusicPraise. All the songs were patriotic to go along with Veteran's Day (this program was way back on November 10th). One of the songs they performed was the Armed Forces Medley. Mrs. Yana asked the veterans to stand as we performed their anthem. It was very touching to see their pride and appreciation as they all stood.
 This is Zekers being the guard who is amazed that Shadrach, Meshac and Abednego are unharmed in the fiery furnace as Stage Right 2 pantomimed miracles of the Old Testament.
 At the end we had all the groups perform the Nation Anthem together. Here is KidzPraise, MusicPraise, Acclaim, Stage Right 1, Stage Right 2, and the Youth Hand Bells.
 You can spot all three of my babies in this shot.
Look at these patriotic cuties.
 Our Number One Fan!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Monkey Business

I was lucky enough to attend Lijee's 1st field trip 
as a 1st grader.
Room 5 at the zoo.
This was the cute little group that I chaperoned. 
Eli, Gabe, Jubilee and Lucy.
It was right after this picture that I lost the whole group of kids. Dang it Luckily the teacher was there to find them before I did. Believe it or not, I used to take all 22 of my students to the zoo without any parent chaperones and never lost one. Boy am I out of practice!
Here these Carlson Coyotes are posing in front of the real coyote.
Look how these sweet little friends have their arms around each other in all the pictures.
Tavi, Damien, Christian and Madeline found us.
James, Parker and Alberto bumped into us here.
Two of his besties--Luis and Lester.
A fun day at the zoo with all these little people!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lamest Mathoween Ever

DanFam5 had the lamest Mathoween ever this  year. First of all, Zekers no longer participates since he's in middle school. He had a hand bells thing so he didn't even attend Mathoween with us. Second of all, Daisy was recovering from strep, so she didn't attend. Third of all, it was after Halloween and we were kind of creatively tapped out. So Lijee was a Number Ninja. He was a Number Ninja last year. At least last year I stuck math problems on his costume. We couldn't even be bothered to do that this year. Poor last child.
Room 5 created a Skittles Memory game.
There's my little Number Ninja being a good host.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Halloween: A Near-Death Experience

Dementor, Ninja and Zombie Cheerleader. The Daniels children were very uplifting this year with their costumes. If the Ninja didn't get you, the Dementor or Zombie Cheerleader would.
Our annual tradition of Daniels-Williams-Stevens 
trick-or-treating lives!
Darth and Storm Trooper
Some of you may remember that this is the same costume that Elijah wore last year. And he was a blue ninja the year before. What can I say? He likes what he likes.
Mommy and Daisy
Those are vintage cheerleading outfits, by the way. 
Believe it or not, the zombie football player and zombie cheerleader did not plan their costumes.
One of the most important moments of the evening--sorting and trading candy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Here Kids, Play With Sharp Knives

Good fortune was upon us as we escaped another pumpkin carving with all digits and extremities it tact. I'm pretty confident one year something will be cut off or poked out, but not this time!
 Here come the tools.
 Our jobs as parents have been cut back to supervising mostly.
 Daisy has never liked touching the punkin guts.
 She and I used a stencil for hers.
 Lijee kind of had a plan but sort of just started poking and scraping. The Pops helped him cut the pieces out.
Zekers made a B out of bones and the OO out of ghosts.