Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Dozen Things I Love About My Zeke

To honor my big boy turning 12, here are a dozen things I love about him:
1. infectious laugh
2. reading fanatic
3. sensitive
4. good sense of humor
5. intelligent
6. kind heart
7. artistic
8. adventurous
9. fantastic big brother
10. tries his best
11. loves Jesus 
12. the person who first made me a mommy
Happy birthday! I love you, Zekers!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Zekers IS The Main Event

For No. 12 we grabbed a bunch of Zeke's friends after school and headed out to Main Event.
We had unlimited access to the ropes course.
We're learning the ropes. 
See what I did there? Ha ha.
 I got to do the activities with the kids. It was one of the funnest birthday parties I have hosted, and that's getting to be quite a few.
We also had unlimited laser tag.
I actually had the second highest score the first time (very rare for me). After that the boys learned what they were doing  I was always one of the lowest scores. Here the boys are looking at the results from one of the games.
 We wrapped up the evening at Mama's Pizza.
Zeke's twelveth birthday party was a success!

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

He Is Risen!

One afternoon near Easter Zeke and I 'egged' Daisy and Lijee. This note was taped to the door when they got home from school.
 DanFam5.1 went to Kansas to celebrate Easter.
 The weekend ended up being very windy and cold. That didn't stop us! Everybody is bundled and gathered, waiting to start the hunt.
Isabelle, Gavin, Elsie, Daisy, Zeke, Reika, Hailey, Eli
 Sunday was also windy and cold, but when the rain started Aunt Sharon suggested we hunt eggs inside the elementary. When you live in a rural town and 4 family members are teachers you can do that kind of stuff.
 The Daniels are Sing!ing.
 A few eggs were hidden in empty lockers. These kiddos decided to hide themselves in empty lockers.
My baby then...
and now.
 Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins.


Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Irish For The Day

I love St. Patty's Day. Back in the day I loved that there was a holiday created just for drinking. Life looks much different for me now, but I still enjoy a good St. Patrick's celebration. 
 Bless my Copperfield friends. They will still come out to enjoy a green beer with me. 
Actually that's not quite true. I was the only one that actually drank a green beer, but they enjoyed beer with me.
Perfect day for patio drinking.
It took me a few years to realize that I can no longer drink the same amount that I used to back in the day. There was a time a few years ago that Abe made me 'drink coupons' so I knew when it was time to quit. I now know my limit all by myself (yay for adulting). Just as I was reaching that limit, the rain came pouring down. Perfect timing to go home. We arrived to find some wet kiddos.
The luck o' the Irish to you!

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Springing Through Spring Break

We continued so spring break with an unexpected visitor.  One afternoon Frito Pie was in the living room giving Chuey a warning growl to stay the heck back. When I looked over to see what she had I thought it was a mouse. I was going to praise her after I made her take it outside. It was when she was outside and dropped it that I realized it was a baby bunny. Unfortunately the baby bunny did not survive. :( I don't know how I ended up with such a hunting dog. It really does make me sad to see all those dead animals.

Anyway, I told the kids to watch out just to make sure there weren't any more baby bunnies. Sure enough, Lijee came running up about 5 minutes later telling me Frito had another baby bunny in her mouth. She brought it to us. I commanded, "Drop it!" When she did, the baby bunny was alive! It began to spring around the patio and Lijee yelled to me and Frito, "Everybody scatter!" We wrestled the dog inside and were able to grab the baby bunny. 
Oh. My. Word. It was so cute!
We found the nest, which was now empty, and gathered some of the fur and grass to put in a shoe box.
Of course we took some time for everyone to love on it.
We came across the name of some random lady who takes in stray wildlife, rehabs it and releases it. Crisis diverted.
One day we went to The Flags with the Tapletts. 
Tracy is paranoid that someone will get lost so she tried to make us all buy matching hats. I put my foot down.
A couple of the kiddos went on the Aquaman. I did not want to get wet, but this little guy decided to stand on the water bridge to get even wetter. It was not a super warm day, but he did not complain of being cold.
Mommy and Lijee
 Zekers and Will
Daisy and Mattie
 girl ride
 boy ride
 late park riders
We took in this last ride while Tracy and Will brought the car around. I think we rode it 4 times in a row. Goofy kids.
Spring break was full of beautiful weather so the kids, the dogs and I took and adventure hike. At times it was dangerous, like on this big cliff we almost hiked.
 It was full of rough trails that we blazed ourselves.
 They thought they needed a short break.
 We stumbled upon some waterfalls. Little Eli is on the top in the middle when you look closely. Frito Pie is at the bottom in the middle.
 Zekers is blazing ahead.
 Daise is striking a pose.
 My littles helping each other across.
 You can see Lijee, Daisy, Zeke, Frito and Chuey are ready to get home.
 My Daisy and I like to collect fossils. This was our find of the day.
And then sometimes we were just bored.
You can just see the orneriness oozing from this picture.
My flowers are ready for spring.
 The doggies love having us home all day.
 And that pretty much concludes our spring break!