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Monday, September 25, 2017

Making Lifeguards

This was the first year that the kids questioned swimming lessons. I told them they had to take lessons until they we able to be life guards. One day they might want a life guard job, but more importantly one day someone might need their life guard skills to save a life. They seemed to be OK with that.
Zeke and Daisy are becoming quite good swimmers. I told Eli that they swam so gracefully, but he swam more like me--kinds splashy and not so straight. Lijee replied, "I don't think that was a compliment." No son, it wasn't.
Aren't they the cutest?

Monday, September 18, 2017

14 Years Made In The Shade

For our 14th anniversary we did some yard improvements. I had been wanting it for quite a while. After we put in the wrought iron fence it opened up the West Side Patio, but it was so sunny and hot. I had found a gazebo that I had my eye on. Patience paid off and I found it at 66% off! I think that has made me enjoy it 66% more!

Here is the before shot:
It was Friday afternoon of our anniversary weekend, so we popped open some cold drinks and started constructing!
The drink part may not have been the wisest choice since we were constructing large pieces of wood. The directions called for 4 people. Abe and I were sure that we could do it with the 2 of us. 'Cause you know, we're fit. And smart (when we're sober).
Neither of these two were a whole lot of help lifting the big stuff. But they're cute so it's OK.
 So far so good. We got the bases up and started adding the connecting bars across the top. We got the first 3 no problem. As we started to add the final one, in slow motion we watched it topple as I shouted, "Nnnnnooooooooo!"
After some thinking that may or may not have been clouded with drinks, we grabbed our neighbor to help and gave it a second try.
No luck. It toppled again, even with help. We gave it the ole college try and quit until the following day. The next morning, without any beverages, Abe was able to attach some extra support from the roof and did it all by himself before Eli and I even got up.
And the finished product!
 My view looking out, usually with my little doggy nearby.
We had to wait a few weeks to try out the fire pit because it was so ding dong hot. It was worth the wait! First a little Pie Face.
Roasting some mini marshmallows.
 Bring on the S'mores!
 Ending the evening with a sunset on the West Side Patio.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Disorderly, 70's Dude and DooWap Girl

MusiCamp 2017

This summer my Lijee was old enough to attend MusiCamp. Yay! He was in the 1st-2nd grade camp while I volunteered to be in Zeke and Daisy's 3rd-6th grade camp. The theme was Christmas In July for both camps. Here we are in our red and green.
 Christmas shirts
 Favorite decade for us bigs (present, 80s and 50s) and Lijee's camp was doctor or patient.
Both Zeke and Daisy chose the drama elective. They performed a skit where Daisy was a reader and Zeke was a pantomimer.
The Daiser was a DooWop girl for the musical, called Back To The Manger. That meant that she got to sing harmony in her own mic with 3 other girls and wear special outfits.
The musical was about a group of kids that were stuck in a time machine that was broken. They went all the way back to the manger and witnessed Christ's birth. That changed the time machine creator's heart and he realized Jesus was more important than money and fame.
One of the time visits the group made was in the 70s. Zekers was an outreach coordinator.
 Nailed it.
 Another time period was the 80s.
 Another time period was the 50s.
One time period was the 90s.
 The group visited the first Christmas Outreach in 1944.
 Zeke waiting for his bow.
 Daisy and the DooWop girls' bow.
 Zeke and the other outreach coordinators' bow.
 the DooWap Girls
 my favorite cast members
 Mommy, Zeke and Daisy
 Of course Grannie was there to support us.
The next day was Lijee's turn. His musical was called Dr. Newheart's Christmas Cure. It was about a group of kids who were visiting Dr. Newheart because they had a case of the CDDs: the Christmas Day Dumps. First a little mayhem as they enter the doctor's office.
 Time for the disorderlies. 
 A little comic relief, if  you could't tell.
 My boy nailed his lines.
 He even had a flawless rap solo.
 'Gimme some skin!'
 His first musical experience and he was awesome!
 Love from the bigs.
 Grannie wouldn't miss it for the world.
 Celebrating the Daniels thespians at their choice of restaurant: Golden Corral.