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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Thing Is Legendary


\ˈle-jən-ˌder-ē, -ˌde-rē\
: told about in a legend  : very famous or well-known

I'm "fixin" to tell y'all about the Fort Worth Stock Show, of course.  Where real cowboys meet city cowboys.  {I'm stealing a few facts from a friend's blog for a few moments.}  I had no idea that the FW Stock Show and Rodeo was the original indoor rodeo.  I didn't know it has been around for 118 years.  Shoot, I didn't know the Stock Show even had a tag line, let alone what it is. "This Is Legendary," by the way, is the official tag line.

I just know that every January Stock Show brings an off Friday from school for Stock Show Day.  I also know that every year or so I bring my kids there to have a look-see.  This year Zeke had a field trip scheduled, so Elijah and I tagged along.

Wouldn't you know the temperature a few days prior was in the 70s.  The morning Eli and I arrived on the show grounds it was 20 degrees.  NOT my idea of a good time.  For those of of you who have never been to the FW Stock Show, there are lots of buildings, but there is livestock in most of them, so doors are open and it was as cold inside as out.  We saw horses, chickens, rabbits, baby pigs, goats, sheep and cows.
Then we went into the rodeo arena to warm up.  We watched the llama obstacle course.  It was pretty comical to see these llamas being led painfully slowly through obstacles.  I decided llamas must have a mind of their own, because most of them were a little persnickety.  But it does look kinda fun to own.

By the time Zeke's class arrived it was a little warmer.  The school buses were greeted by the cows, which Lijee gladly shared a hug.
The boys were glad to find each other.
After Zeke's class left Lijee and I hunted down the hugging cows like they were our prey.  We followed them into here, where Lijee was sidetracked by the tractors.
And that concludes our Stock Show experience until next January.
Or the next time we go to Kansas.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My 3rd is 3

Celebrating 3 years of our sweet little Lijee.
This little guy is 100% boy, as ornery as they come, thinks the sun rises and sets on his Daddy, cracks us up all the time, and is loved like no other.
 birthday breakfast #1
birthday breakfast #2--Mommy and Lijee treat
 look at that little angel face
Eli and Grannie went shopping
every now and then I can pry him from Daddy
to get some love
cutie pie
"3" (we gotta work on that)
preshy little boy on his new rug
topping it off with some birthday dessert
Happy third birthday to our Lijee!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Start Your Engines Be'Cars' Eli's Turning 3!

 Fasten your seat belts, we're rounding the final turn to three at an astounding speed!  This year Eli got to choose his party theme and his guests.  Cars it was.  
The guest list consisted of Grandma and Grandpa, Grannie, Daddy, Zeke, Daisy, and his gym friends Asher, Lincoln and Ashlyn.

First we decorated the sidewalk and got the race track ready.
After the guests arrived we took them to Ramone's.
Then we helped Guido stack some tires.
And then they were off to the races.
Time to get the cars clean.
Next we refueled.

"Happy birthday dear Eli.  Happy birthday to you!"
Thanks for coming, friends!
Oh, wait.  We'll walk you guys home.
What a great party!