Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Happy Scary Pumpkin

Today was the day our pumpkin became a 
   We always start by drawing our ideas and take it from there.
Zekers wanted a happy, smiling pumpkin and The Daisers wanted an angry, scary pumpkin.  Eli didn't care so we opted for both.
Zeke added the final 'Boo!' all by himself.
As you can see, carving a jack-o-lantern is not my forte,
but that doesn't stop us from having fun.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gimme A [Fall] Break

Fall break is here!
The week started with a bang at Great Wolf Lodge.
We had the best time!  Matter of fact, it was so fun we didn't stop to take many pictures.
The Lodge had trick-or-treating while we where there.
Spiderman, Pink Spidergirl, and a Ghost
Eli is sorta like a Hulk/Spiderman combo.  He totally outgrew Spiderman but he likes to wear it.
Zeke absolutely loved the MagiQuest game.  He was a wand-shaking expert.
For the rest of the week we had a playdate and went to the movies.  Rounded out the break with a trip to Houston for our cousin Solomon's birthday party.
They played hard and slept hard with their cousins.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Fun In Our Little 'Burb

This weekend was Heritage Days in our little suburb.  It was a perfect fall day to be outside and the kids had a great time.
Our karate school was there with an obstacle course.
 They had to scale a wall as tall as Zeke and Daisy were.  Check out her little head barely peeking over after she took a running leap to reach the top.  She pulled herself up and made it over with no help!
Lijee just wanted to be locked up in jail.  Hope that isn't a sign of things to come.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Zeke was brushing his teeth while I was examining my face closely in the mirror.  I explained how when women get old they sometimes start to grow a random hair on their chins and please let me know if that ever happens to me.

 "You could have waited until I was older to tell me that," was all he had to say.  Either I had just shared way too much information for him to handle, or he doesn't think I am an old woman yet.  I'm gonna go with the latter.
Someone gave Eli a candy bar and we told him he had to wait to eat it.  As we were riding in the car Abe and I overhead him talking to the candy bar in a menacing voice.  "I'm gonna eat you."
Our job when Grannie went out of town was to feed her dog.  The kids and I were concerned about her new alarm system going off on us.  Grannie had shown Daisy how it worked a few days earlier.  She confidently told me, "Don't freak out, Mom."  Mere seconds later she confessed, "I'm freaking out."
I love how all 3 kids have totally different personalities.  Where Daisy is 100% girl with her babies , jewelry and pedi's {"Look at me, Daddy, I'm all rainbowed up!"},  Eli is 100% boy with his cars, (S)Pider Man, and growls {"Aaaah! I'm crashing!" as he smashes his cars headfirst into each other.}  Our Zekers is a wonderful mixture of the best of both worlds.  Sensitive and artistic.  After he did well at his karate challenge he was radiant as he exclaimed, "That was so freeing.  I feel so alive!"