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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Room 5, Seahorses, and Candy Pizza

Another year, another Carlson Intercultural Festival. This year was Lijee's first festival. His room project was the history of Room 5.

 His picture to the right of his shoulder says, " This is the library. We read. We get books."
 This picture to his left says, "We have the calendar to know if there is a new month."
 His class also made a map of the school with posters at special locations telling others about them. Avery and Elijah made a poster for the gym. I typed captions for Eli's work on the poster (click on it to make it larger). He labeled it 'the jim.' He said: Adrienne has an office. The gym is fun in PE cause we play games. You can learn about jump rope for heart.
Daisy's class did a study on ocean animals. 
Her animal of study was the sea horse.
 A few sea horse facts according to Daisy: The males have the pouches for their babies. They have camouflage. They like to eat brine shrimp, smaller fish and plankton.
 She also did some artwork for the class.
 Here she is presenting her facts to Lijee and one of his classmates.
 She drew this sign. It reads: Come to the room 9 to learn about the ocean. We have...decorations, ocean reports, chatter pix (videos), sculptures. This way to the ocean.
 Zekers' math class did pizza fractions. His pizza was a candy pizza with gummies, brownie bits, m&ms and caramel, broken down by fractions.
Here Zeke is presenting to his siblings.
 In reading they did a study on favorite/least favorite genres, broken down by age groups. The students asked several friends and family questions about reading. Zeke is standing in front of the results, displayed by pie charts.
Sam, Lijee, Daisy and Millie are listening to story time.

Artsy Fartsy

I'm so proud of my artsy fartsy kids! Zeke and Daisy's art was chosen to represent Alice Carlson at the District Art Show. [Bragger alert] This is Zeke's 3rd year in a row to be chosen and Daisy's 2nd year.
 Zeke's guitar
Students created guitar collages inspired by the cubist movement and the artist Picasso.
Daisy's crest
Students used metallic markers on colored aluminum and created a shield with a design that represents themselves or their family.
My artists and their creations.
Lordy Bea in the mornin...please don't let this be foreshadowing...

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Just Tagging Along

So glad I am still allowed to tag along with the Zekers' field trips. This trip was to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
Fifth graders are such odd little birds. They want to be grown ups, but there is still so much little kid in them. When the bus started several of them busted out in song with the theme from 'Little Einsteins.'
 Lying on a bed of nails. 'Science protects you.' Or something like that they guy kept saying. Distribution of weight; yada yada yada.
 My big boy digging in the sand.
 Can't believe 5th grade is quickly coming to an end!!

Monday, March 06, 2017

Making Lemonade Out Of Tires

When you're not at the beach playing in the sand, sometimes you gotta make lemonade with what you have. In some cases, it's old tires.
I love these silly little people.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Take A Hike!

When it's 80 degrees in February, why not take a hike? A hike involving water at that.

Daddy was out of town, so first we treated ourselves to some Steak n Shake. We always drive by on our way home from the gym and they always want to try it. So today we did.
Then we played outside for a bit while they channeled their inner artists. 
 Frito channeled her inner van Gogh and barked at the creatures underground that don't exist.
Daddy got us! The kids were surprised to find Ben in the dog food.
 Then is was hike time!
 A little cooperation to get Lijee across without getting his shoes wet.
Little bitty ChuChu wasn't sure about walking through the water.
 They were scared of the tunnel. With a lot of screams and giggles they slowly kept venturing farther and farther back in. They were braver than me!
 My doggies love a good hike.
 Perfect afternoon! Just missing the Pops.