Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Picasso In The Making

Our Zekers' art was chosen to be one of the pieces representing Alice Carlson at the FWISD District Art Show located at the downtown library this spring. 
 It was a clay sculpture that he created from scratch.
This is our art teacher Correy.
 I'm proud of my little artist!
 As a bonus, we all got a free book!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Double Digits

Yep. This guy is ten years old! Double-digits. All of his fingers. 

We started with some birthday songs, waffles, pictures and even a pressie from Daisy and Lijee.
Then we had some tacos for birthday lunch at school, followed up with donuts for the class.
We finished the day with a spaghetti dinner and cookie cake.
That big smile is because he got a the final book from a series that he had been waiting on being published.
Happy birthday to my big boy. We love you dearly.

Rockin' Out For Zeke's Bday

Seekers proclaimed his 10th birthday as one of his best parties yet! We picked up a bunch of boys from school and took them rock climbing. 
Zeke is crazy about rock climbing; of course he was not ready to go home when it was time.
 It was Lijee's first time. He did pretty good for a little squirt.
 It may have been a little chaotic at times.
 It was also Daisy's first time. She did great.
 These are all our people. The other people in the gym might have been glad to see us leave.
We quite possibly had the most spiritual group of boys ever, at least in name:
Ezekiel, Israel, Joseph, Samuel, Elijah, Noah and Abraham. 
Once we got home, the boys ran and played outside and yelled and made up games with lots of guns and light sabers and hitting that didn't stop until after dark.
There was a slight pause to inhale pizza and fudge birthday cake.

A crazy, fun night for my crazy, fun boy.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

He Is Risen!

I love spending time with my family. We did just that for Easter, and we spent it with lots  of family. First we saw Mom's side of the family. A highlight for the kids were the egg hunts. 
 So glad to see this little firecracker, who had hip surgery just a few months ago and she's up and going.
We also celebrated Zeke's 10th and Nathan's 14th birthdays.
The next day we celebrated Easter with Dad's side.
 Alta calls us the Easter cousins because that's when we see each other.
Let the candy feast begin!
 The Easter Bunny left a surprise for us while we were gone!
 throwback circa 2011