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Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Brick in the Wall

Even though it's so sad to send my children back to school, enforcing bed time stinks, getting up to an alarm stinks and getting the kids up to an alarm stinks even more,  Pink Floyd was more than likely wrong.  They probably do need an education.
first day of 1st grade pressie
third day of 3rd grade pressie

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Six Flags Salute To Summer

Bye bye summer.
As a little bonus to our fun day, this was Lijee's first Six Flags experience.
Our Six Flags friends came through for us again this year.   Thanks Shannon, Nathan and Kaityn!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Like A Fish To Water

Summer wouldn't be summer without swimming lessons.
Zeke continued to perfect his strokes and breathing techniques.
Daisy was able to go off the board by herself this year!
Elijah learned to swim about 4 feet by himself and turn a summersault in the water with no assistance.  Once he realized he could go he couldn't get enough!
We also took drowning prevention classes and earned a free lifejacket.  Go us!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Elvis Has Left The Building

The  kids were going through the game closet and found a box of Elvis Monopoly that had never been opened.  "Sure," I said, "let's play Monopoly."  It's Now Or Never.

Zeke and Daisy loved it.  We played that game for 5 straight days.  Sometimes Daddy stepped in and played for me.  When I had to make lunch or do laundry or dishes or do whatever it is that mamas do In The Ghetto, they played without me and took my turns for me.  Sometimes The Zekers even played by himself, taking Daisy and our turns for us.  Not once did he utter I'm So Lonesome, I Could Cry.  No sirree, he just kept playing away.  We didn't even have Suspicious Minds as to if he was playing fairly for us.

I was the loser.  In the end I was a Bridge Over Troubled Water and I just wanted out; the kids started to cheat for me so I would stay in the game.  Aw, so sweet of them to
  Love Me Tender.

I learned two things.  
1.  I have never really played many Monopoly games that got very far into houses, hotels, and, well, monopolies.  A Little Less Conversation, a little less paying rent, a little less taxes due, a little less go to jail go directly to jail do not pass go.  Monopoly, You're The Devil In Disguise.
2.  I didn't ever really play that long because I still hate that game when you're losing.  It's just a long game of torture.  Don't be cruel and please just let me quit.
Cool coincidence:  we played Elvis Monopoly on the anniversary of Elvis' passing, during KentuckyTexas Rain.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Special Kid Days

With only 2 months of summer, I felt the need to make those days really fun.  I got an idea from a friend to make special 'kid days.'  Each kid had their special day where they got to choose everything we did and ate.  There was a $15 limit, so they had to be economical in their creativity.

agenda for Zeke Day:

pancakes for breakfast
TV watching
science experiment - lava lamp

spaghetti for lunch
The Lego Movie at the dollar theater
tacos for dinner
 gymnastics with Daddy

agenda for Daisy Day:

waffles for breakfast
TV watching
science experiment - milk rainbows
cookie dough dessert-before-lunch
pizza for lunch
sidewalk painting
spaghetti for dinner

agenda for Lijee Day:

waffles for breakfast
face painting
restaurant playing
"I'm mix-ging something delicious."
grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch
Lego playing
pizza for dinner
{Sidebar.  I got all crafty and healthy and made spinach crust pizza and cauliflower crust pizza.  In the end, Daddy and I ate those and the kids ate frozen pizza.}
TV watching
cookie dough for dessert

Summer's the best!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Water + Sun = Fun

I opted for a positive title for this post.  The first was Pinterest, You Duplicitous Temptress, You.  Maybe it's just me, but only about 50% of my Pinterest pins that I actually try are success stories.  Food, crafts, cleaners, kid experiments, whatevs.  If I take food out of that, the ratio of success to failure goes down significantly.  

The most recent fail is the water pillow.  So let's get back on my positive approach:  water + sun = fun. Doesn't matter what kind of water…ocean, lake, pond, river, stream, creek, pool, waterslide, mud puddle or bathtub.  The same is true for a water pillow, regardless if it's made properly or not.

I found a couple Pinterest  posts about making one of these and they made it look so easy and fun and successful.  Then someone I know on Facebook posted one that they made and played on.  That was enough confirmation for me; even I could make one!  

The directions said to get thick plastic sheets, like 3 or 4mm in thickness.  Whilst at the store I found .7mm.  But why was this so cheap?  In my head I was double checking my math.  Point seven is more than point 4, right?  The directions suggested 3 or 4, so 7 had to be super-tough.  This was going to be the best water pillow ever!

The minute I opened it I knew something was wrong with my math.  This was not super-tough, but super-thin.  I read the directions again, only to find out I was supposed to get 3 or 4 mm, not point 3 or 4mm.  I got out the ironing board and melted the edges anyway.  Daisy didn't know what the ironing board was…so maybe I don't iron much.  Don't judge.

Like I said before, just add water and it's a party. 
Didn't last long, what with all the holes that were in it before we started plus all those after we started, so we added some sprinkler action.
It wasn't long before we had our own redneck pool out of nothing but standing water.
Stupid is as stupid does.  Realizing the error of my ways and looking at triple-digit temps in the forecast, I tried again.  This time we found 3.5mm plastic.  We're cookin' with heat now, folks!  

When we pulled it out this time, it was so thick.  I grabbed the ironing board and this time got many questions from Zeke, who never knew we had an ironing board.  There is a reason I don't iron, y'all.  All I did was fold the thing over on itself and carefully using parchment paper ironed up 3 sides.  One would think that was easy.  This goes to show you why my kids don't know I own an ironing board.  I couldn't even get the sides matched up evenly when I was done.  I just blobbed it together and melted it.

Once again, it was exciting seeing it all come together.
Unfortunately, even with our 3.5mm plastic, it sprang holes as we were filling it up.  I started putting duct tape everywhere.  That ironing job I was so careful with somehow melted holes all along one side.  I told Zekers we were just going to have to 'dill with it.'  
So it worked for the afternoon.  
After we were done the water was slowly leaking out of some places, and quickly pouring out of others.
The Temptress gave us one afternoon of fun in the sun, anyway.