Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Giddyup, Birthday Girl!

You know how I like to stretch out a birthday celebration. We stretched Daisy's out for half a year. We made plans to go horse back riding for her 8th birthday, but for various reasons we finally celebrated when Daisy was 8 and a half.
Fifty-five and Georgia were our steeds for the day.
 Fifty-five watering up before the ride.
Fifty-five was a pokey little puppy.
 He reminded me of Pete, especially when he stopped to eat.
 He did trot a couple times to catch up and Daisy held on like a real cowgirl.
A sweet time with my sweet Daisy,
Fifty-five and Georgia.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Seeing Red on Halloween

We were the Red Crew this year.

For Mathoween at school, we were more mathematical.
 Count Dracula, a Math Wiz, and X Men Multiplication.
 Isn't he the cutest little Math Wiz you've ever seen?
Enough with the math...
now gimme some candy!
Our tradition of Daniels-Williams-Stevens 
trick-or-treating continues!
The girls came with us for a bit.
 Time for the important candy-sorting and swapping time.
"I vant to vish you a Happy Halloveen."

Monday, November 07, 2016

Three Jacks

I have 2 pumpkin carving rules. 
1. You must take punkie pics first.
2. I am not going to take out the slimy guts.

We started out with a very applied learning strategy of discussing and deciding on the face we would carve. This was Lijee's idea.
Once we started working, everyone wanted to cut, but only one was willing to touch the slimy guts.
 When I say touch the slimy guts, I really mean fully embrace them.
The person who takes out the slimy guts get to carve. This used to be a rule because I had to do all the slimy de-gutting and of course the kids were too little to use the knife. Then Zekers got big enough to take out the slimy guts and use the knife, so it worked.
However, this year Daisy and Lijee weren't patient enough to just watch Zekers carve. We started with one jack-o-lantern but ended up with three.
 Truth be told, Daisy kind of cheated and mostly scratched the outside of hers.
 We also did some sidewalk art to festive.
 Little Chuey wanted to be a play, too.
 Daisy's was double-sided.