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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Takin' a Break At Perdido Key

I got two words for ya: Fall. Break.
Well, actually I have 2 more words to go with those: 
The. Beach.
We did break right, y'all. Florida in October is the perfect weather, there are no crowds, and as a bonus the rates are slightly cheaper.

Upon arrival, Daisy and I were impressed with our cute hand towel swans,
 but we very quickly put the rubber to the road, or the boardwalk as it may be, and hit the beach!
After a glorious afternoon in the sand and the sun, nightfall came and I embraced my inner nerd by donning a headlamp.
I was all about business when it came to crab hunting. So were the kids.
The little boogers are hard to see with their camouflage, but they catch your eye as they run across the sand. The best method is just to track it down and pounce on it, grabbing a handful of sand with a crab in it.
Lijee liked to sweet talk them. He would say, "Hey Crabbie Crabbie. Come here Crabbie. I'm gonna get ya Crabbie. Gotcha little Crabbie. You're mine now Crabbie."
We started to find some really big ones near the water. Daddy tried to bribe us with money if we grabbed a big one. Zekers was the only one brave enough. When he got pinched it drew blood!

I was scared after seeing blood, so I cheated when I picked a super-Crabbie up.
 Zeke liked holding it better this way than getting pinched.
 Even The Daiser overcame her fears and grabbed it.
Being at the beach is a lot like following the directions on a bottle of shampoo: 
beach, pool, sleep, repeat.
In the pool we played the Silent Game a lot. The guy on the edge had his back turned while the others started to silently, or not so silently, swim across the pool. Then he had to jump in and tag them before they got to the other side.
I went in for the triple-bury one afternoon.
"She sells sea shells by the sea shore." Not sure how many times Daisy and I said that and we never quite said it right.
During lunch break we played Kings In The Corner.
Snocone break!
Taken from the balcony. That's the Pops out there with some kiddos (ours, not rando kids). 
 Little guy was all tuckered out.
 Daisy and I like pictures, but the boys do it just to please The Momma.
Daddy and his girls.
Daddy and his boys.
 Luckily the condo was nearly empty so there was no one to be upset when all the elevator floors were selected.
Every time.
 After that gorgeous sunset, I captured the sunrise the next morning.
It was a sweet time and we made a lot of good memories. As we were packing up, two different people told Abe we were a cute little family and they enjoyed watching us parent. Love my people, y'all.