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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Whose Dog Is It, Anyway?

Lijee always calls Frito Pie his dog.  My dog is hot.  My dog is hungry.  I'm patting my dog.  I kissed my dog.
Today we got a call from a nice neighbor telling us our dog was out.  We jumped in the car and asked a man on the street if he had seen a dog. "She went that way.  She's fast."  So down the road we go in our Swag Wag.  Sure enough, we see a car pulled to the side of the road, the driver out and trying to coax a big black dog to come to her.  We called her and she came running past us, wanting to race.

Per her usual, she ran about half a mile until she was tired and jumped in the van.  On the drive back Eli informed me, "We got your dog. She was naughty."  So now she's my dog, huh?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Change is Good, Right?

School starts today and we have lots of changes for the DanFam5!

First of all, Zekers got into Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center.  It's part of FWISD, but is slightly different than traditional schools.  Applied learning students work with businesses and organizations outside the classrooms to complete hands-on, real-world, child-centered projects within authentic learning situations.  There is a lottery drawing each year, but once you're in, you're in, as well as siblings.  Daisy is still on the waiting list.   She was #51, but now has sibling priority, so she moved up to #2.  We're gonna play it by ear, live by faith and see what happens.

Speaking of Daisy, my little shadow is leaving me.  I am heart-broken whilst she is ecstatic.  As I was folding a load of her laundry I became saddened that I won't get to dress her in these cute little clothes every day because she will be in her school uniform.  I listen to her belting out lyrics in the car and become saddened because it will be so quiet without her.  She is already making plans for when she is the mom and I am the grandma--she'll take me on vacation with her and I will sit in the back and watch a movie with the kids in the car.  And to think 5 years ago when I saw the sonogram I wasn't too excited to be having a little girl.

Not that I won't miss my Zekers, too.  I am well beyond tears that I can't take him not only to his first day of second grade, but his first day in a new school.  Zeke's school and Daisy's school (which Daisy loves that they both have their own school) both start at the same time.  I am hoping to drop one off early starting tomorrow and still get the 2nd one to school without a tardy…high hopes, right?  We had a hard enough time getting one kid to one school on time the last 2 years.  Hopefully a spot will open up for The Daiser at the new school after these first couple days.

Everybody was all smiles at Meet The Teacher.

So, here I am.  Up since 2:30 the morning before school because I have a lot on my mind with all of our changes.  But I am thankful for the changes.  My family is growing up, just like they're supposed to do.

They were so excited that they both wore their backpacks around the house this morning.
There goes The Zekers.
And here goes The Daiser.
It was shortly after this photo when we went into her classroom that the tears started.   I had to be the strong one because Daisy didn't want me to leave.  She was so excited to be in school, but when it came down to it she missed her Momma.   < 3
Here is one last hug from her little brother.  Look at his little bitty arms encircling her neck.
Poor little Lijee missed his bigs today.  When I turned on our street he said, "Go to Daisy's school.  We'll find her."  As soon as he woke from his nap he told me, "I wanna see Daisy."  It was so precious to hear him call out to her when she finally came out of the school building at the end of the day.  Once we got Zeke I had the 2 bigs run into the house to change for karate whilst I backed up.  Eli emphatically stated, "Don't leave anybody."  And after they jumped out of the car once we got there and Elijah and I were parking he sadly muttered, "I want Zeke and Daisy."  Aww.  Isn't that sweet?

2nd day ~ When we got out of the car to walk Daisy to school Eli did what the only thing that 2 year olds know to do when they don't want to do something.  He sat and and whined, "No!"  I asked if he didn't want to take Daisy to school he cried no, he didn't.    

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Camp Out!

Is it just our house, or do all siblings have their best playtime of the day after bath?  You know it's time to get them in bed but they're playing together so nicely. Surely it's not just us. Regardless, it was during this blissful playtime window that the 3 of them decided to camp out in the club house tonight.
I knew perfectly good and well that it wouldn't last, but I let them drag their pillows and sleeping bags up there. Shortly afterwards they came in and grabbed every working flashlight they could find.  Daisy even took one that didn't work.
They were inside by 9:15.

I love summer!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Sometimes it's so hot you have to be creative.  We started with Elmo under the trampoline.
It didn't take long before we bumped heads.  Daisy went to get ice.  After she accidentally spilled it, she came up with an idea.  Ice ice baby…
…in their swimsuits.
Even Eli knew that was a bad idea.
And finally the hose made it into the trampoline.
Cool fun on a hot summer day.