Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fraternity Life

OK, you all are going to scoff at me when I admit this, but the truth is, it happens to nearly every parent and nearly all of you have given in at least once; we just happen to give in every day. By the time morning comes, both kids end up in our bed. I used to fight it, but I have come to the realization that I have a small window of opportunity in my life before my babies are too big to cuddle with me--I have decided to embrace their warm little snugly bodies into my bed. I am digressing; on to the point. Last night Zeke started squirming around, then stumbled out of bed and toward the bathroom. I did not hear the toilet lid prop open, so I went to check it out. Instead of the sweet sound of liquid hitting liquid, I heard liquid splatting onto something firm, like the trash can (and the wall, and the floor). I pointed him in the right direction for the final drops. As I turned on the light to assess the damage, he was stumbling around in such a drowsy slumber he appeared to be in a drunken stupor. I felt as if I should have joined in with Zeke's fraternity brothers, proudly chanting his house name which is possible he may rightfully earn one day. "Zeke the Streak! Zeke the Streak!" *note: Although this photo was not from last night, it was not staged. Oh, and the 'Mom' tat was airbrushed, but I thought it added to the drunken fraternity feel.

Monday, April 26, 2010


The following are a few conversations I have overheard lately:

Zekers told Daddy he wanted to marry Daisy when he grew up; he couldn't marry Mommy because she was already married to Daddy. ~ Daisy's new joy is to let us know when she passes gas. In the car she cried, "Mommy, I pooted!" I replied with enthusiasm for her. Then she said, "Zeke, I pooted!" He was not so kind in his reply. He answered dryly, "I know, Daisy. I just heard you tell Mommy." ~ Ezekiel was explaining the theory of magnets to The Daise. "Things that are stickable stick to magnets, and things that are not stickable do not stick to magnets." ~ Zeke: I hear her not being respectful. I'll go talk to her about not being nice. ~ As we were driving home in the dark Daisy said, "Eyes. Turn on." I agreed it was dark and asked if she wanted the lights on. Zekers told her, "You can't turn on the sky, Daisy." ~ Daisy has taken it upon herself to rename her father and me. She now refers to us as 'Mommeemee' and 'Daddeedee.'

Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter, the abridged version

We went home to Kansas for Easter and had a fabulous time! Here it is in an eggshell, er, I mean nutshell. Played with Grandma in the park.
Hunted eggs.
Ate cake at Uncle Tom and Aunt Judy's 40th wedding anniversary party.
Met Lily, the colt who was born on Zeker's birthday, which was also Easter.
Jumped on trampoline.
Played with Grandpa. Played with Koko.
Played with Alex, Nathan and Nick.
Decorated birthday cake/ate frosting; po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Hunted more eggs.
...Lots more eggs. Sang Happy Birthday.
Ate birthday cake. Opened pressies. Got haircut from Ashley (who rocked it--thanks, Ash). Picnicked at the playground.
Decorated eggs. Recognized Christ's death and resurrection, so that we may have eternal life. What an awesome weekend!