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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Can't See The Speck of Sawdust in Your Eye Because Of The Plank In My Foot

Zeke cried just a tad when he stepped on something outside, and then told me he got a hole in his foot.  I was a little amused at the flair for drama until I saw it.  There really was a hole in his foot.
We dug and dug to no avail.  My husband is a pretty smart guy and sometimes he thinks way out of the box.  He taped one of the funnel-type things from a Dr. Brown's bottle on the end of the vacuum hose and tried to suck it out.
Yeah, that one didn't work.  Here is Daisy, waiting outside the door because the vacuum is too loud.
And here is Elijah, providing some pole dancing entertainment for us.
Next Abe tried to suck it out.
That one didn't work, either.  After more than an hour we called it quits for the night.  Abe was considering trying super glue next.  I thought maybe we should try the doctor.  We had a bit of a wait since we were worked in.  Mmm hmm.  Those are my children lying on the floor of the doctor's office.
It finally came out (without the use of super glue).  That piece of wood was over 1/4 inch long.  Yikes!  No wonder poor little Zekers was hurting.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pretty Pleeeease.

It can't be avoided.  Beginning today with Zeke and running for the next 18 years until Eli is done with school, my children will be hitting you up for your hard-earned money.  Today Zekers came home with his cookie dough fund raiser.
They do look yummy and I was thinking of trying one of each.  Until I saw the price.  Sixteen bucks a piece.  Do you see the name on the sheet?  'Cash Cow.'  At $16 a pop it's a cash cow for someone, and I don't think it's Zeke's school.  Anyways, you get 4 dozen that can be frozen for a year, so order as many as you want!  How can you say no to this face?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teacher Trouble

When I picked Zeke up from school today the teacher gave me one of those looks with a 'come here' finger curl.  "Uh oh...Zeke got in trouble today," is what went through my mind.  Turns out Mommy and Daddy got in trouble today.  She handed me our rubber roach that we use to scare each other with.  Last night Zeke tried to get Daddy, and later Abe asked if I thought it was OK to put it in Zeke's lunch box.  Of course I said yes, thinking it would really get him at school and we'd all have a good laugh.  Turns out the lid came off the container inside the lunch box and everything spilled in there.  The cafeteria monitor was helping Zekers get everything out and came across the bug.  Apparently a little girl screamed.  The teacher said the whole table was in an uproar; Zeke said it was just one girl.  Regardless, the bug was confiscated, held by the teacher the rest of the day, and returned to me after school.  Oops.  It is just a little funny, though, right?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Burger's Lake With The Fam

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We Are Fam-i-ly

Had a fantastic Labor Day weekend with the fam!  The kids had some hard-core play with a few of their cousins.  Here they are with Landon (my cousin Justin's boy). 
While Elijah and Gavin spent some quality time together,
Justin took Abe, Zeke, Daisy and Landon wheelin on the ORV trails where they went over big rocks and up steep hills.  I would have bet money that Daisy was going to be scared and cry, but they said she just laughed the whole time.  She said it was so bumpy she couldn't even go to sleep.
They also got to have a sleep-over with Reika and Crystal. 
And they did lots of playing at the 'park'.
  This was the first trip with 3 kids and a dog.  Frito Pie was a great little traveler.  She doesn't come when you call her yet -we're working on that- and she's an absolute nutter when she gets loose.  I thought we might never see her again, but we let her run loose anyways.  That dog barely stopped running the first 12 hours.  But she kept coming back, tail wagging.  She was ecstatic. 
When we first adopted her I felt bad that she didn't have a say if she came to live with us or not.  And when I saw how happy she was when she was running free, I thought she would rather live at my parents.  But Sunday night we went to Steve's for a couple hours and left her at the folks'.  Later that night when I was packing our suitcases she was laying right beside me on the floor. 
I said it was like she didn't want to get left.  The next morning when Abe was loading the car I thought for sure she was going to run off when she realized we were going to catch her to put her in.  But she went downstairs and got in the van all by herself and sat in there waiting for us.
We are her family!