Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

When we pick up Zeke after school Daisy likes to bring a "few" things.  One day her arms we full of a purse, a diaper bag, 2 babies, a water bottle, a book, a gift bag and possibly more things.  I mentioned her hands being full.  She said it was like she had a hundred things.  But she couldn't take anything else because, quote, she only has 2 arms.

Here are a few more photos I have snapped on our trek from the parking lot to the front door to collect our brother after school.
She's such a girly girl.  Love her.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


The kids got new sleeping bags and were uber excited about them.
So naturally I came to the same decision all of you would: go camping in the back yard.

We waited until Friday night. The plans were to cook hot dogs on an open flame on the grill and follow up with s'mores.  Ten minutes into grilling the steak (for Daddy) and veg, we ran out of gas.  No problem; we finished with the oven, including the s'mores. 
Did I mention clothing was optional?
When it came time to get the tent out Abe asked me if we were really sleeping out there all night.  When I said of course, he reiterated, "All night?"  It was when he got the tent out that I realized why he was questioning my intentions.
In retrospect I vaguely remember asking him, "We're sleeping in that?" 7 years ago when we last went camping.  Over time I forgot how small it is.[Brings back happy memories.  That was when we had our scaley-child.] 
Back to the matter at hand.  We all pitched in to get the (tiny) tent up. 
Everything was going great.  Then it was like Lord Of The Flies.  First Elijah dropped out.  It was late and he was super tired.  He got had to sleep in his bed.  Not a problem; we brought a baby monitor outside.  Electricity is a big benefit of camping in your backyard.

When the kids heard me on the monitor, they decided they wanted to get out Daddy's walkie-talkies he still has from his childhood.  These things are the size of a loaf of bread with a 4 foot long antennae. But Momma Bear entertained The Mad Mongoose as he very quickly picked up on the proper lingo.  You got your ears on?  The Mad Mongoose read me. It was loud and clear--if we were about 2 feet apart.  The Furry Fox was enjoying them, too. 
After we told ghost stories, the 4 of us slept for about an hour.  Then I remembered something else from our camping trip 7 years ago.  The seal on the air mattress is very sensitive.  It works like a charm if you get it just right, and if you don't get it just right it does not.  This particular night we did not.  When Abe woke up and the mattress was flat, he was out.  And then there were 3.

A couple hours later I heard Eli on the baby monitor.  I ran inside to get him back to sleep.  And then there were 2.

When I was gone I heard Daisy frantically screaming outside. She was panicked because neither Abe nor I were out there.  And then there was one. She woke up Zeke.  At that point we all went inside.  Our campout lasted until 1:30 am. 

Even though we didn't make it all night, the kids had a great time.  Success! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He Blinded Me With Science

Since Zeke's birthday was the Wednesday before Easter we decided to have his Mad Scientist party in Kansas with his cousins (and nearly cousin).  We had a fantastic party!

First the kiddos built creations whilst waiting to get this party started.
Once the lab techs invited everyone down to the laboratory,
the professors got dressed to create.
And the madness begins!  As always, my crafts/creations go so much better in my head than in real life.  The kids got their lab coats and hands dirty, so they had fun. 

First we made gooey goo,
followed up by milk rainbows.
After that we blew up balloons.
All Mad Scientists love a little slime.
We wrapped up the inside work by fizzing up some Peeps.
The party moved outside...
and then we got messy.  Our elephant toothpaste turned into colored mud.
Our experiments were wrapped up with soda geysers,
and a soda shower by Nick.
Elijah helped Daddy with clean up.
 Cake time!
My little mad scientist Professor Zeke had a great 6th birthday party!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Zeke!

Today was dedicated to celebrating our Zekers from the minute it started until an hour and a half past his bedtime.
 As Daisy and I sang happy birthday over his birthday breakfast, Zeke joined in with, "Happy birthday to me."
 My boy is looking all of 6 years old.
 Finishing his last bite of cupcake at school.
 Grannie took us to ice cream.
 Enjoying his new bike.
 Now using 2 hands to show his age (I am feeling a bit emotional here at this new milestone).
 Spaghetti for dinner, as per his request.
 Yellow fudge cake, also by request.
 Enjoying a movie, once again requested by the birthday boy.
 Bath time.
What an absolute joy you are to us, Ezekiel!