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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


What a crazy, fun-filled week with Musicamp! Zeke was in the 3rd-6th grade camp and Daisy was in the 1st-2nd camp. The week is busy learning a musical that they perform at the end. There are fun things throughout, including crafts, hand bells, experimenting instruments and more. And what would camp be without snacks?
Eli and I tagged along all week. I volunteered in Daisy's class and Lijee went to 'Cool School.' Tuesday through Friday there were dress up days. 
80s Day  for Zekers and Inside Out/Backwards Day for me and Daisy
Future Day (he wanted to wear rollerblades, but I didn't think the teachers would like that)
Green and Yellow Day
green and yellow face paint for us
60s Day for Zeke and Sports Day for me and the Daiser
Jammie Day for all!
This was Zeke's first year at Musicamp. They performed "Back To The Cross" on Friday night. It was about a few kids who stumbled onto a time machine while at VBS. It was cute and Zekers did great.
Dinner was Zeke's choice after his performance; 
Pulido's it was.
Daisy landed a drama part for "Livin' Inside Out in An Upside Down World." It was about a boy who was pretty prideful and learned a lesson from the school nurse along with the gym class. Daiser was the sassy Nurse Zelda, which she nailed.

Preshow: make-up and mic-up.
 The cast and drama coaches
 Nurse Zelda
Praying before the show.
Here comes sassy Nurse Zelda.
 "Now let's put this thermometer under your tongue."
"The thermometer says 'puffed up with pride' ."
"Believe me. You're sick. I heard you."
 "Words can hurt, you know."
"You'll be wanting to store up those treasures in heaven!"
 "And the proud…
 shall stumble and fall."
"Let's see if we can wrap up that ankle and get you ready for the game tonight."
"Well then, go out there and do your best!"
Daisy's choice of celebratory meal was Chick-fil-A. As a bonus Daddy said they could buy 7 pounds of lemon cake from Sam's.
I'm proud of my little thespians and their hard work!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Core Memories for Family Island

We added some core memories to our Family Island this weekend with an impromptu stacation!

We started with the Peach Festvial in Weatherford. Eli got to ride on a school bus for the first time as we shuttled to the activities.
It was basically a way to blow a lot of money whilst sweating. We succeeded at both. Lijee got a bounce house pass, Zeke picked a climbing wall pass,
and Daisy chose to spend her money on something that lasts. She purchased a myngastics outfit for her American Girl doll from one of the vendors. Like any good festival, we had some tasty, greasy, expensive carni food for lunch. Turkey legs, corn dogs, twister tators, dippin dots, slushees and peach cobbler. Mmm.

The kids decorated a tile to bring home. Lijee drew a dragon,
Daisy her hand, 
and Zekers a rock climbing wall.
Later in the afternoon we went to see 'Inside Out.' We rarely go to the movies. It was the first time we bought movie tickets that the seats were reserved when you bought them. The theater was like a playground. Reclining seats! It really did add to the movie experience. 
Afterwards we hit up 7-11 for free slurpee day.
It was a great day full of family fun. Like the movie, we added some core memories for our Family Islands.