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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To The Zoo, Jeeves

When your baby starts preschool next week and he asks to go to the zoo, dagnabbit, you go to the zoo.
 About an hour in Lijee started itching his face and neck. Poor boy had some kind of allergy going on. He got little welts. He insisted we go on, so he gobbled an allergy tablet and we soldiered on.
 Little thing looks absolutely miserable.
 He bounced back like a champ.
Eli has always been fascinated with the aquarium. Here is a throw back from 2013.
And Eli's first zoo trip in Feb of 2011 at twenty-six days old.
He's still a cutie, but maybe a bit more ornery. Sure am going to miss my little buddy when he goes to school.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Back To School

Another one of my least favorite times of the year…back to school. I must say, it went very well today. No tears from me or Daisy; I think that was a first for both of us. Truth be told, Daisy cried last night, but she walked right in today with no problems.
When we went to school last week to drop something off Daisy whimsically remarked, "I sure miss this place."
 On the way to the car after school today Zeke declared he wanted it to be tomorrow so he could be back in school already. I'm so glad we're at a school we love.
Our annual standing date: 
first day of school ice cream with Grannie.
Here's to the next 179 days being just as fabulous!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sand, Sun, And A Whole Lotta Danielses

Corpus 2015 was the year of the Danielses. We brought Vivia and met up with Gaea, Majid, Solomon and Adam. 
Then the fun began!
We stopped at Buc-ee's on the way down. It was my first time ever. People down here go crazy over it and I must say…I don't get all the hype.  It must be a Texas thing. 
Here are all the little monkeys. They love themselves some cousin time!  Lots of beach, pool and overall silliness, sprinkled with some crab hunting, kite flying, & sand castle building, and loaded with laughter.
 One day we spent the whole afternoon on tubes and boogie boards playing on the waves while we floated down the beach. Then we turned around and did it all again. 
Fun family time.
We were able to take Solomon and Adam out on their inaugural crab hunt.
 Our alligator with a tunnel. Zeke was getting good at tunnels and hollow castles.
 We learned how to hunt for ghost shrimp. That's why Daisy has an icky face--she didn't want to hold the ghost shrimp. A guy had a sucker-tube thing that sucked them up and spit them out. Once we learned how to spot them in the sand we tried digging them on our own.
Crab Catcher Extraordinaire
We all love our Grannie.