Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We kicked off summer with a beach vacation to Galveston.  I loooove me some beach!
Zekers couldn't get enough!
Daisy liked digging in the sand.
Eli was quite the little beach bum.
Elijah convinced Daisy and Daddy to join.
BFFs playing in the sand.
The little man's first ocean experience.  He liked it!
...Of course Daisy brought babies.
Zeke and Grannie playing in the waves.
Getting some love.
Elijah convinced his Pops to go for a swim.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

That's How He Rolls

This was shortly after Eli's very first time to roll over.
This is 2 days after.  He can't get enough now.
This is Elijah trying out 'it's new to me' stuff.
Here is 4-month old laughter...can't get enough of that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Out of Their glee Hole

We were eating ice cream and Abe told Zeke there were some kids in the world who have never had ice cream.  Zeke said, "Well they need to take a trip around the world, then."
While we were shopping the kids were sidetracked in the arts & crafts.  I continued down the aisle and started down the next one.  A minute later they both came running around the corner and Daisy said, "You almost lost your kids, Mom."  
Eli was being sweet after dinner and he said, "Goo goo, gaa gaa!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

There Was Pomp and Circumstance, But No Tears

Last night was Ezekiel's pre-k graduation.  Several months ago just the thought of pre-k graduation made me get teary-eyed.  I am happy to say I made it through without crying.  Now if I could just think about kindergarten without getting teary-eyed.    

I am proud of my Zekers!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Fun in the Sun

Eli, chillin like a villain poolside

Thinking about rolling over.  Look at those little feet poking out.

Best buds!

best Mother's Day gift:  a good Daddy

big smiles in the pool

warming up in the sun

Friday, May 06, 2011

A Little Bit O' Cheese

I just did that cheesy thing that no mother can resist.  Even Chuck Norris would probably eventually give in, if he was a mother.  I bought my boys matching swimsuits. 

In my defense, they were on sale.  And we're going to the beach in a couple weeks.