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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Ain't 'Lion'--Our Lijee Turned 4!

When The Birthday Boy picked a lion party for his birthday, I started planning all things lion. He then decided he wanted to go somewhere instead of have a party at home. After weighing several options he decided upon Build-A-Bear. Not much to do with lions, but Build-A-Bear it was. I could do cute lion invitations, paper goods, cake, maybe he could even build a cute lion instead of a bear…it would still be a cute lion party.

Lijee wanted M&M cookies, so I tested my skills with an M&M lion cookie cake on his actual birthday, assuming it would be cute and I would do it again for the party.  Umm, no.
We looked around, but unless I wanted to spend as much money on the cake as the party itself, I could not find a lion cake. We saw a turtle cake and he wanted that for a hot minute, but I talked him off that ledge. I hate to be type A, but I couldn't throw a turtle into a lion party at Build-A-Bear. He picked some very plain cupcakes with white icing and a few party sprinkles. Not as cute as I had in mind, but it beat a turtle.

It all came together and not one child had a second thought to the lion theme, or lack there of.

Oh, to make me feel better and stay with the theme I painted a lion face on him that he loved.  He ran around growling at all of us when he saw it in the mirror.
The Birthday Boy
Here's the flat bear.
 Rubbing the bears' hearts before they stuffed them in. On their backs because it always has your back, your legs because it always plays with you, your heart because it always loves you.
 Decorating bear boxes to take them home.
 Eli's watching the stuffing as it goes in.
 Aw, Fluffy!
 Bathing the bears.
 Fluffy all stuffed, bathed and dressed.
 As The Birthday Boy, Eli got to ring the bell.
 Lijee was in charge of the guest list.  He invited his best friend from church and his best bud from the gym.
 Here is the plain white birthday cupcake.  Here he looks as excited about plain white cupcakes as I was.
 We love you, Lijee!
 And Fluffy The Bear is safely heading home in his box.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Birthday Butt

I wasn't sure what to title Elijah's birthday post. But then I decided to go with my favorite 4-year-old's favorite word. Sometimes he and I whisper 'butt' to each other and giggle.

Not that butts have anything to do with his birthday. 
Today was all about Lijee and his ornery self.
We started his day with bacon birthday candles.
Brown sugar beard, acquired from tasting the birthday cake during assembly.
Eli chose the mall, so we went for lunch
and ice cream
 and playing.
 We also went to a movie before we had to go get the bigs from school.
Subway was his choice for dinner. 
 I mustache you, is that lettuce I see?
Poor little guy had the most pathetic lion cake you have ever seen.  At least we had fun making it.
 My Lijee takes the bull by the horns, or maybe by the butt. He likes to go big or go home, and he usually makes quite a mess along the way.
 But he's our mess, and we treasure him dearly.
Happy 4th birthday, Elijah Walker!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Auld Lang Syne

2nd Annual New Year's Hourly Activity Countdown
Starting at noon, each hour the kids open an envelope with a family activity inside.  Some of the activities included a dance party, Lego building, karaoke party, Farkle, and making dessert, just a name a few.
 Looking forward to a great 2015!