Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuki Time!

When deciding on a party theme for Daisy's 8th birthday, we both agreed our new waterslide was a great idea. I suggested a tiki theme to go with the water part. She liked the idea but couldn't remember exactly what it was, so a Tuki party it became.

We brought several girls home from school and had a couple other friends join us as well. We had 10 girls in all. They did about a million things since they seemed to have the attention span of a swarm of gnats, but they had a great time doing it!

The waterslide was visited on and off several times, always accompanied with lots of squeals.
 The tiki bar was a big hit with the girls.  I bought several juices and mixers like ginger ale and Daisy made up the drink menu, like Freaky Tiki and Darling Dazzle. I think their favorite drink was the Totally Hawaiian, which was a bit of everything. The funny part was when the girls would sip it they were like, "Wow, that's strong!" as if we were serving real alcoholic drinks or something.
We had the best bar tender ever.
Nothin' beats a cold drink on a warm day.
 We made grass skirts.
 They all dressed up in Daisy's clothes.
The dogs got walked around the cut-de-sac several times. Sometimes the girls even had to wait for turns.
 They played in and on the tree house.
 Then it was cake time!
 I made an exploding Skittles cake. It seemed like it would be neater than it really was. Wouldn't call it a Pinterest fail, but a Pinterest let down.
 The next morning the girls set up shop and decided to try to sell some drinks to passers by.
 However, there were no passers by, so they went down to the corner to try to drum up business as cars passed. At least they were working for their profits.
 A successful tuki party!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Don't Blink

My Mommy-Lijee-Love days are numbered. 

It wasn't very long ago that I walked away from my teaching job to move to the UK. When asked of my occupation I said out loud for the first time "homemaker" and was a little embarrassed that I did not have a job. The British immigration officer asked if I built homes; when I said no he informed me I was not a homemaker, but a Lady of Leisure.

That was 10 years ago. My job as a homemaker--not Lady of Leisure, as it far from leisurely-- has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. It has been the hardest, most tiring, non-stop thing I have ever done, but by far it has been the most rewarding. So much so that I am not ready to give that up.

And just like that, today I watched my baby boy graduate from pre-k. My job for the past 10 years is done. I should consider this a promotion for work well done. All three kiddos have earned good grades in school, they do not get in trouble, they're healthy, they love Jesus and are happy children.

I should be elated. I should count my blessings. I should be excited for what the future holds. And I'm all of those. But I'm also a little sad that this chapter is closing. OK, a lot sad. I have spent nearly every day of the past 10 years surrounded by the people whom I love the most and who love me the most, even on my worst days (there have been more of those than I am going to admit). 

On many occasions I have told Abe that I wish I could save time in a bottle. While I'm being honest, you should know I actually sing that old song instead of just say it. At any rate, if that were possible, these last 10 years would most definitely be bottled up and treasured forever.

Let me put my selfishness aside for a moment.

 I want you to know how I am so proud of my Lijee! He had a very successful pre-k year. He has a lot to offer the world with his funny sense of humor, his big belly laughter, his clever wit and his never-ending orneriness.
 This is his ornery grin when he spotted me as he was marching in to Pomp And Circumstance.
 Graduating is serious business.
 Singing 'This Little Light of Mine.'
 Listening to Mrs. Shelia's graduation speech.
 Telling the audience he is going to attend Alice Carlson next year and he wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up.
My precious little graduate.
 Elijah and his teacher Mrs. Shelia.
 Grannie was there to support her little monkey.
 Mommy and my little buddy, who loves posing for pictures, as you can clearly see.
My oldest and youngest loves.
 Isn't he the cutest?
 Cheeky little monkey.
 Eating cake with the bag of goodies Mrs. Shelia gave them, including a teddy bear the whole class signed.
 Sipping juice at the reception.
 He got a box of special work they had done throughout the year.
 official certificate
 Celebrating after school with some ice cream!
Bestill my heart.
I don't wanna blink, because when I do this little guy will be graduating from high school. Then I'll really be a hot mess.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Race To Win!

Another year, another MusicPraise musical under our belts, another awesome performance from my Zekers and my Daisers.
Speedy and Hotrod are the top two contenders in the Freedom 400.
Speedy is a humble christian who, along with her pit crew, give their best for the glory of God;
Hotrod and her crew, on the other hand, are all about themselves, money, and fame.
Not only does Hotrod's engine explode, 
but her backup engine does as well, 
resulting in what looks like, "they struck an oil well down there."
Speedy gives Hotrod her backup engine. Of course Hotrod and her team cannot understand why she would do that--their minds are blown.
 That's where Gracie, played by our one and only Daisy Francesca, is part of the pit crew that helps Rev, played by our very own Ezekiel, and the rest of the team to put the new engine in Hotrod's car.
 Speedy's team does a lot of explaining. Basically we're all just wrecks waiting to happen.
Gracie informs them, "The desire to do good is with me, but there's no ability to do it."
After some talking and several songs, Hotrod comes to realize Christ's gift of salvation is free to anyone who accepts.
 Hotrod and Speedy become friends and both are going to race to win! 
Grannie couldn't miss!
 Like it or not, Lijee had to tag along to several practices. This sweet little thing can practically recite most of the play. #lifeofalittle
Mommy is so glad Zeke and Daisy still want me to volunteer with their activities. I'll do it as long as they still want me around.
I'm so proud of your hard work and dedication, Zeke and Daisy!