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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Daisy Daniels, Kindergarten Graduate

How fast was that?  Wasn't I just posting Daisy's first day of kinder pics a couple weeks ago?   Her first year of school is over, and she accomplished it with flying colors!  I'm proud of our Daiser and how well she did this year.  She started the year without her brother, which pretty much rocked her world.  Then she moved schools about 4 weeks in and had to start all over.  But like the Lego movie says, "Everything is awesome!"
yearbook signing
She adores her teacher Todd.
Daisy and her bestie Londyn.

No More Pencils! No More Books!

Can I get a what-what?!
Mmm hmm.  We finally had our last day of school!!

First thing of the morning was the Cup Stacking Tournament.
During PE they had tourney run-offs.  The six fastest kiddos from each grade level qualified to compete in the Finals.
Her brothers were cheering her on.
You're looking at the kindergarten 3rd place finalist!
Bring on summer!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


We parked by a library in another suburb today and the kids wanted to go in.  I asked if we should go to our library branch so we could actually check out books.  Daisy wanted to go in that one so we could just read books while we were there and if she really liked one we could check it out.  Zeke's response:  "Of course you'll find a book you really like!"  

Duh.  Who wouldn't find a book that they don't really like?

We went to our library so we could check something out.  Zeke happened to get the last free bookmark that Daisy also wanted.  Hers said 'reading is a treat.'  She whined, "But reading isn't a treat to me.  It might be to Zeke but not to me."  Book Nerd confirmed as he was opening his freshly borrowed book, "Yes, reading is a treat to me."

We stopped by Walmart on the way home.  He didn't stop reading his new 'treat' the entire trip…
nor for lunch.
Nor for the next couple hours until the book was finished.
I hope books are always one of his vices in life.
The love of a good book wouldn't be such a bad vice to have.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Celebrating Six With Karate Kicks!

We celebrated six years of our Daisy with a karate party!

balloon agility race
balance bags
 Lijee may or may not have gotten a little bored.
Yay!  Daisy is 6!