Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Little Ones To Him Belong

I am overflowing with joy because my Zekers and my Daisy asked to share their faith and love of Jesus  publicly.
the peanut gallery
We love our grandmas!
I am eagerly anticipating joining in Zeke and Daisy's faith journey as our family continues to grow in Jesus.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mr. Assister

Proudly announcing the new library assistant!
Since Zekers is now an upperclassman, he was able to apply to be a teacher assistant this year.  This means they arrive before school to help their assigned teacher.  My avid reader chose to apply for the library assistant.  

His job description includes getting the computers ready for the day, straightening the book shelves, getting the headphones ready for the i-stations, and helping Mr. Craig as needed.  I snapped a few on-the-job-training photos, but I didn't want to embarrass him so I only got a couple.
I am proud that not only did Zeke have the desire to apply, but he made the cut!  There is a downside, however…we have to be at school even earlier now, every day.  Pray that I am a nice mommy when getting everyone out the door on time.  Seriously.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Fraidy Cat

I think all moms take just a tiny little secret pleasure when our kiddos feel sick because we get some good snuggle time that doesn't happen as often once our kids get older.  I get that same pleasure during a good thunder storm with my big dog.

Frito Pie has the personality of a cat.  She was found on the street at 6 months of age and rescued by a wonderful lady named Jan.  Jan could not keep her so her friend Becky took Frito in.  The time came that Becky was no longer able to keep Frito Pie, which was when she became a member of the Daniels family.
She has now spent half of her life with us.  We know she loves us.  She makes absolute sure she is not left behind when she thinks we may be leaving her somewhere.  The van door opens and she plops herself down and won't budge until everyone is buckled, the doors are locked and we are driving  down the road.
However, after being bumped around so much as a young doggy, she developed coping mechanisms, which manifests in her cat personality.  Frito doesn't need constant attention.  She wants it on her own terms.  She likes to be near us, but touching is not necessary.  When she wants affection she comes and gets it.  When she wants to play fetch or chase, we play.  When she's done she leaves, much like a cat.  I try to make her a lap dog;  she tolerates it, but clearly does not enjoy it.
Except during thunder storms.  Then she's aaaaaall up in my business.  And I like it.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Daddy's Boy

My precious baby is, without a doubt, a Daddy's boy.  Ninety-eight percent of the time if given a choice between Mommy or Daddy, it's Daddy.  I'm not gonna lie, it kinda stung at first.  Thank goodness Daisy is a Mommy's girl and Zeke won't even choose a favorite color, let alone a favorite parent.
Back to my littlest.  He is a man's man in all sense of the word.  None of the following examples will come as a shock to a mother of boys--you've been there, done that.  However, I'm going to share a few examples in case you only have girls, your kids are grown and it's been awhile since you've heard little boy talk, or you don't have any little people of your own.  If you know my Lijee you won't be surprised.  If you don't have the pleasure of knowing this little guy personally, here is some insight into his psyche.
•Everytime we're in Target and pass the bra section he happily exclaims, "There's my boobies!"  He then proceeds to motorboat the foam-shaped ones.
•Eli: Ow, my butt hurts.
 Daddy:  Cuz you're poking it with your fork.
 Eli:  Oh.
•One day in the car he informed us he was going to poop his pants. "Poooop.  Poooop.  Daisy, can you smell that?"
•He told me with pride today, "My penis is REALLY big right now."
•Me:  Elijah, what kind of party do you want?
 Eli:  A butt party.
 Me:  OK
 Eli:  What's a butt party?
•Holding a mannequin hand at the store: I'm walkin' with my girlfriend.
•Me:  Eli, why do you always say butt?
 Eli:  I love saying butt.  It's my favorite word.
I pray that boy develops a filter before he goes to school, or I have a feeling he and I will be spending some time together in the principal's office.
However, every now and then I get a bit of sugar from this little man.  He recently whispered to me, "I love you, Mommy.  You're the best."
{my heart melted a little right then}

Sunday, September 07, 2014

A Labor [Day] of Love

When we go on vacation it seems the hotel and pool are the things the kids most enjoy, no matter how cool the rest is.  So we took a mini vacation just to stay in a hotel and swim.  The kids loved every minute of it!
Before we came home we hiked at Mineral Wells State Park with some of our favorite peeps, the Shaws.  You never know what's in store when you spend time with them.  ;)  First DiDi got us a tongue lashing from the game warden, then Zeke got us one for calling 911 on the pay phone without using a coin.  Oopsies…
We did some illegal 'bouldering.'
And we saw a large, scary snake coming out from its crevasse.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

A Hot Mess

If you knew of the show in advance you would probably buy front and center tickets to this three-ring circus we call our life.  Here are the events of last week's show:

•air conditioning went out on Saturday morning of a 3 day, 99 degree weekend ~
translation:  couldn't even call repairman until 3 days into the DanFam5.2 Heat Wave of 2014
•bought fan and pathetically moved it from room to room, sitting near it with air blowing in our faces -  picture dogs who stick their faces out the car window with their hair and ears blowing and that was basically us
•discovered poison ivy on me in several spots--wha?  
•all 5 slept sweat in one bed with said fan
•got epiphany to buy window unit
•sleeping, and I use that term loosely, consisted of: 
 3 kids, 2 adults, 2 dogs, a case of poison ivy, and 2 nights of bedwetting all sealed tightly in one room to keep insane heat out

It wasn't all gloom and doom.  We had a hotel stay planned on Sunday night prior to the DanFam5.2 Heat Wave of 2014.  And now that we made it through to the other side we totally appreciate the ac.  

If you take away the whole hot thing, it was kind of dreamy for the kids.
1) It was so hot inside and out that we allowed a lot of screen time.  For 5 days.
2) The whole family huddled in front of the fan and window unit on our bed each night watching a movie because we couldn't bear being anywhere in the house for one more minute.
3) They got to sleep in our bed, the whole night, for 3 nights.
4) Clothing was optional.