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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"That's Not Funny"

During spring break we had a mock Easter egg hunt.  My thoughts were: enjoy a nice spring day in the Botanic Gardens, the kids will have fun hunting eggs, I'll dress them up so I can get some cute pictures.  Win/win.

I drug out the plastic eggs from last year.  Those things are like lost socks from the wash; for some reason they go in as a pair, but they come out as a million mis-matches.  Anticipation grew as we got the ones that fit together and loaded them with candy.  There were a few small toys left in the bag so I added them to the eggs--I'm a good mom by not only giving my kids candy.  We put the left over eggs in a bag to send to the  Isle of Misfit Easter Eggs.

The whole family was up for the adventure.  The swag wag pulled up to the Botanic Gardens, the doors opened and out tumbled kids, parents, cameras, and plastic eggs.

Epic fail.

Whichever child picked up the bag with candy-filled eggs actually picked up the bag full of mismatched egg parts.  Since we were there looking all cute I hid the egg parts to simulate a hunt to get my cute pictures.  The whole adventure didn't go down as any of us pictured it would.  No candy, no cute pictures.  No leisurely afternoon basking in the glory of  The Gardens.
I did, however, catch this adorable picture with Daddy and his little boy.
When we got home we did a real egg hunt.  Several times.  Still not great pics.  Not even good ones.  Whatevs.
Since I am such a good mom (reference above), the kids got to eat just one eggful of candy before dinner.  Zeke eagerly opened one up to find that it had a little toy in it.  Upon seeing the absence of candy he flatly uttered, "That's not funny."

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring BreaKentucky

Road trip--Kentucky, here we come!
Yes, even Frito Pie got in on the action.
We drove to Memphis and stayed there the first night.  Of course the pool was the main event.
 Got our bat-on at the Louisville Slugger factory.
 Lijee lovin' on his big cousins.
 Letters were falling from the ceiling and we were catching them and making words at the museum.
 We walked downtown and for about 5 blocks there were several bronze baseball bats along the street on benches and stuff.  Zekers and I touched all of them 'for good luck.'  Sister was making fun of us and Zeke optimistically whispered in my ear, "We're gonna be the LUCKIEST people in town!"
Adonde got a little over-loved whilst we were there,
 but then so did everyone else.
We wrapped up our stay with an early happy 7-11 birthday for Nathan and Zekers.
 We love our Kentucousins!
We got some serious play time in.
…And some not-so-serious play time.
Strectched our legs after the trip home with a little 
Family Fun Stadium Run.
Woohoo for spring break!