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Friday, December 29, 2017

Chillin' With My Snowman and Tenderfoot

Mrs. Susan let the Carlson 4th and 5th graders vote on the Christmas musical. They came up with North Pole Musical. The timing worked out that my friend Stephanie and I did a choreography cluster  where we learned the musical dances so the kids were able to teach the choreography to the rest of the students. Applied learning at its finest! Steph also made up a dance to 'Fight Song' where we discussed words can hurt others or build them up. We performed the dance for all the 3rd-5th graders at Cluster Fair.
The musical was about Santa wanting something new and fresh for this year's musical. The elves, snowmen, reindeer and Nutcracker characters all take a shot at it. Finally Santa says the real Christmas spirit is lost, and Crystal Snowflake comes out and sings the perfect song to make everyone realize the heart of Christmas. Daisy auditioned for the part of a snowman and made it.
The brothers, supporting their Sis.
She had a teeny solo where she got to sing a silly off-key line.
The snowmen danced Chillin' Michael Jackson 'Thriller' style, complete with a strobe light and his signature single right hand glove.
The kids performed two shows. It just so happened that Zeke's scout troop meets at the same church that hosted our musical, and it just so happened that it was the same night, same time. I do not usually attend scout meetings, but it just so happened that the same night was when Zekers earned his Tenderfoot ranking. His ceremony took place right between the two shows. Sometimes the stars align!

Now there's a good lookin' scout!
 Darius, Grant and Zeke
 To earn Tenderfoot Zeke mastered certain tasks. He completed the firem'n chit, totem chip, cooking, physical fitness, camping and outdoor ethics, tools, first aid and nature, hiking, citizenship, leadership, and scout spirit, all summed up with a scout master conference.
 The parents stand with the scout when they receive their honor.
 I'm proud of my Tenderfoot and his hard work.
Now back for the second North Pole Musical show. Lijee's guitar teacher Mr. Joseph also works at the church. He photobombed Daisy and Londyn's picture.
There the Daiser is, peaking out of the choir loft.
I'm proud of my kiddos and the effort in which they apply themselves!
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