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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Vomit Catcher

Zeke had to enter the Invention Convention this year since he's in 5th grade. He created the Sweat Rag Drinker.
Daisy took it upon herself to enter her own creation. It was after the week that all 5 of us caught the stomach bug. That may have had some influence on her invention. It was titled 'The Vomit Catcher.' 
A gadget that holds the throwup bucket for you so you can be hands-free. There's even a handy little water clip, because it's important to stay hydrated.
My pretty little scientist won first place for all of third grade! That made her eligible to enter the district Invention Convention. 
She did not win, but we're still proud of her!
Plus she got a cool ribbon.
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