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Monday, January 04, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

New Year's Eve means 12-12 count down fun!
noon - Granny's and lunch out
1:00 - gymnastics
2:00 - geocache
3:00 - pick up Noah and Keira for a sleep over
4:00 - obstacle course
around the trampoline
over the table
under the table
over the chairs
swing on the rings
climb the rock wall
get in the tent
slide down
10 jumping jacks
ride the scooter
5:00 - create/build something
6:00 - walk dogs and find interesting rocks or sticks
7:00 - make dessert
8:00 - treasure hunt
they all got individual pieces and then had to put them together to make a group project
once the group project was completed they all won a prize of $1
9:00 - games
10:00 - silly string
11:00 - screens
midnight - countdown!
Happy New Year!
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