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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Birthday Revenge of the Fifth

A very happy birthday revenge of the sith fifth to our Lijee!
Like his father thirty-some years before, this young padawan likes Star Wars. So a Star Wars birthday party it was. The day before we had his party at Pump It Up. The Bigs found a Star Wars t-shirt they bought for his present. They were so excited they gave it to him first thing when he woke up on party day.
I think Eli wanted his party at Pump It Up so he could sit on the throne.
 The Jedi of honor.
 The orneriness, I mean the force is strong with this one.
 The Lijer invited his absolute best friends his brother and sister, his friend from church, as well as his 2 best buds from pre-k and their big sibs.
 "Happy birthday, dear Eli…"
 Even a young Jedi must eat.
 Gifts worthy of the force.
 Eli and Rhys have been best church buds for the past few years.
The evening ended with a massive 'light saver' fight and utter chaos. Just the way a Star Wars 5th birthday party should end.
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