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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Big Christmas

Christmas without my brother was difficult this year. I always put a lot of effort into reminding my kids the real meaning of Christmas. It's easy to get caught up in the shopping, the gifts, the parties, and the busyness of the season, even when I am putting so much effort into reminding my kids.

This year more than ever before, I was thankful for the real meaning of Christmas. Even though it was painful without our Steve here with us, it was a vivid reminder of our need for the birth of our savior. It made me thankful for God's plan of salvation.

So although Christmas was difficult, it was also a time for reflection on how much God loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.
After 50 years, still holding hands.
 Lijee snuggling up to his big cousin Nathan.
 Daisy and Reika having good girl time.
 Love our family walks.
 We found a way to fit in time with all 3 of my grandmas.
 Dad had been wanting to make King Pork Ribs since he was 3 years old--check that off the bucket list.
Gramma and Daisy getting crafty.
 Buzz, Woody and Jessie--everything he had been wishing for. However, even though he requested Jessie he doesn't like her; she's too girly (said my boyish boy).
 Santa found us!
 Making gingerbread houses.
We also had Christmas with Granny's side.
There are lots of little cousins; Zeke, Daisy and Eli even had a cousin sleepover and had TONS of fun. 
Thanks, Uncle Gary and Aunt Linda!
Me and my Granny, 
one of the toughest ladies you'll ever meet.
Another troupe of wild monkeys at the Daniels Christmas.
 Daisy joined the grown up table for a rousing game of chicken feet. Ba-gock!
 The force was with us.
 And then there was this.
Even when your little part of the world crumbles, time marches on. So the holidays were a different kind of merry this year as my brother celebrated Christmas in heaven. 
As I admired his cross shining at us at sunset, I think Steve was telling us he is enjoying God's gift of salvation through the birth of his Son, and he is good.

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