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Sunday, August 27, 2017


We celebrated Independence Day our favorite way--we went to the Randolph Celebration with the fam. 
Evening walks are appreciated by everyone, but probably Frito Pie loves it the most.
The cows cut our walk short.
A bouquet of wildflowers picked by my Daisy.
This year there was laser tag at the Randolph Celebration. DanFam5 had fun with that all day long.
Daisy won the award for sharp shooter for the day. She won several of the rounds.
I must have been looking official. That, or maybe judgmental. I was asked to judge the parade as well as the Steve Hoard Memorial Award for the car show. Talk about pressure!
Steve used to make the awards for the car show with his metal art. They now have a Steve Hoard Memorial Award. We picked a hot rod-type car that we think Steve would have approved of.
This old fire truck was not the car we picked, but it was fun to climb on and drive.
 For the parade we made a rubric: decorations, friendliness, and treats thrown. If the kids liked the free parade swag, they voted higher on the other two categories, as well. #Priorities.
The best part of the celebration was spending the day with friends and family.
Trouble with a capital T-- Callie (Reika's friend), Reika, Autumn (sister's niece), Daisy, and Brandy.
Stevie was too little to tag along with the big girls this year.
Playing with fireworks!
April had a great idea. She brought a lantern in memory of her Dad. We all signed it. This one brings tears to my eyes on more than one level.
Steve let me know he was with us. Sure do miss him.
A great weekend celebrating America and my family!

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