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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Happy Easter To All

Hippoty hoppity, Easter's on its way.
We took a side bar on the way to the folks' this trip. These tanks are off the side of the road near Ft. Riley.
Once we arrived we took the usual pasture dog-walk.
We went mushroom hunting and Daisy and Zekers found one! Then they played in the creek.
Abe and I posed for some senior pictures. 🤣
Lijee walked back with the grand folks.
These two found a little bitty baby toad.
I always like to stop by Steve's cross.
Grandpa, Daisy and I picked some asparagus,
while the boys played on the swing set.
 Of course we found time to decorate eggs.
 This climbing wall is Uncle Steve's memorial.
We love the annual Randolph Egg Hunt.
 Then our cousins Hailey and Landon came!
 Our second hunt of the day.
 Checking out the loot.
We also did a glow in the dark hunt, but it was beginning to rain so the eggs were not hidden very hard.
Sunday we saw our Easter Cousins.
How many kids does it take to get an egg out of a tree? Apparently a lot.
Sorting through the candy is an important part.
Great Grandma Hoard
It was an exhausting weekend.
But since the Easter Bunny visited when we were gone, we all rallied when we got home!
 I enjoy the Easter Bunny and the egg hunts, but most importantly I am thankful to our Heavenly Father for the real meaning of Easter.
He is risen indeed!

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