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Monday, February 29, 2016

Doggone Crazy

When we adopted Frito Pie she started out so normal. 
All was right with the world--The Daniels had a dog! We even bonded with our doggy.
We were a few years in when girl started goin cray cray. At first when the kids jumped on the trampoline she would dig at the legs, trying to find something buried under there.
Then she decided there was something under the slide that she just had to get. When it started the kids were on the swing set, making it move. 
This has been going on for a couple years now and it keeps getting worse. It progressed to digging and barking even when no one was on the swing set causing vibrations.

It has progressed yet again. She now barks and digs at the table and chair legs when they're sitting on the grass. We know this and try not to leave them on the grass. Wellllll, it has reached an all-time high. Yesterday I heard her barking like crazy in the backyard. I was in the front and even asked if one of the kids was back there on the swing set. No one was. When we went back there later I discovered why all the barking:
Abe said he walked by earlier and banged the top of the table to get Frito going. She barked and dug and the table while it was on the sidewalk long and hard enough to knock it onto the grass. Then she went to town digging. Bless her heart; she is driving herself crazy trying to find something that will never be there. It's almost like someone with alzheimer's who is looking for their mother who passed away 20 years ago--no matter how hard and how often they look, they're never going to find her.
At the end of the day she was all tuckered out and had a very dirty nose.
Here is the question that is haunting me: is  DanFam5.2 so nutty that we drove even our dog crazy?
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