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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Break On The Crazy Train

We wanted to try a new adventure for spring break, so the train it was! 
We started looking at more exotic places, like Yosemite Park, Washington, and LA, but the time on the train was going to be days, and that was just one way. I kept scooting back the destination, trying to find a quicker trip. Finally we settled on Oklahoma City since it was just a 4 hour trip. We always drive through but have never stopped, so we decided to give it a go.

The train station departs from downtown Ft. Worth. We had some time to waste while waiting on Daddy to park.
 Departure time finally arrived!
We touched every button possible within the first 5 minutes.  Then we poked them all again two or 3 times.
When I told Elijah to use some self-control, he replied, 
"But the train's so cool I can't."
It didn't take long to head down to the dining car to grab a snack.
Eli had time to get out a few of his toys.
We finally made it!
DanFam5 started the first day with the Oklahoma City National Memorial. The reflecting pool is marked with walls on each end, one with 9:01, when all was normal, and one with 9:03, which represents when rebuilding as families, friends, a city, state and nation began.
 The chairs on the lawn represent the six floors of the building and lives lost that day from each floor. There are adult chairs and children chairs.
 The Survivor Tree stands on the other side, along with orchard trees that were planted to represent survival and growth.
From there we hit Brick Town. 
The kids loved Brickopolis. All three did the laser maze plus lots of other arcade games.
Then DanFam5 played a competitive game of laser tag.
 Zeke, Daisy and Mommy were the red team vs Daddy and Eli on the blue team. I shouldn't say this out loud, but I was Ronin, and I was trying. {Yes, the very lowest score of the family. Even lower than the 5 year old.}
 Here they're choosing their prizes from the arcade winnings.
 We spent enough money to earn 2 free t-shirts. Go us!
 This is outside the baseball stadium.
 At the hotel we played a fun family game of Farkle.
 But mostly we spent our hotel time swimming. Lots and lots of swimming.
 During our stay we played shark games, and Marco Polo and fishy-fishy, and did challenges, and did silly pool entries (cannon ball, mouse-eating-cheese, husband-and-wife, etc.), and a Klondike commercial,  and some water dancing choreography.
The next day we went to the Oklahoma Science Museum. We spent the entire day there and still did not see everything. It was a lot of fun.
 This play space was made of just tape.
Even Daddy got to play.
This is an ejection seat from an F-16, which Lockheed makes in FW.
 Down there is my little family, checking out of the hotel.
 The entry to the train station was painted all cute.
 Our devices, word games, and the scenery kept us occupied on the way home.
Spring break OKC trip 2016 is in the books as a success!
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