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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Climbing The Walls

For Christmas Zekers got a gift certificate to go rock climbing.
We finally got around to going last weekend.
Zeke loves to rock climb and is a natural at it. This was the first time we have been to a special facility for it; in the past he has climbed on the traveling structures, or the little one in our backyard. This one was a lot harder. At first Zeke was frustrated because he couldn't do it immediately like usual .  But once he got to the top of one, there was no stopping him!
I was a different story. Once I was totally that scene in 'Frozen' where she struggles and climbs and struggles and is barely able to grunt the question, "Is the air thinner up here?" The boy answers no, and we see she is about a foot off the ground. Yep. I totally nailed that. 
I don't think there was a wall that Zeke started that he didn't master. He was very determined and persevered.
 Our forearms and hands were spent, but we continued to climb!
I did make it to the top once. It is so much harder that it seems like it should be.
 It took him more than one try on most. One time he stuck with it 4 or 5 times until he finally made it to the top.
 We was like jelly for a few moments after that one.
 But then he tried a few more.
 He even climbed one without a safety harness. I moved a mat underneath him without him noticing. When he got to the top I made him wait until I could take his picture. He was slipping as he was waiting on me. Then accidentally dropped to the ground (onto the mat). His look of surprise was priceless.
 We had a super fun day together.
 We were also hot messes when we were done. But that didn't stop us from ending our date with dinner together.
I sure do love my big boy!
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