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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Double-Digit Daisy

My little girl turned 10!
 This girl is not camera shy and always has a fun pose.
 Showing off her new shoes.
 How sweet is this?
 Daisy had been waiting patiently for her new bicycle.
 Wednesday was her day for News Crew and her birthday just happened to be on Wednesday this year.
 Zekers and I snuck in during announcements.
 At the end of the day Daisy chose ice cream for her birthday treat.
After school we opened more pressies.
 Once again, the poses.
 The final year to count all fingers.
 Daisy's choice of birthday cake--fudge.
 Despite the quarreling, they really do love each other.
In case you forgot whose special day it was.
 Reading her SeaQuest certificate.
 Grannie and Grandad helped celebrate our Daisy.
 Daisy's goal for the summer was mastering a hand stand.
 Happy birthday to the Daiser! Our middle child who acts like a first born. The girl who makes lists, is super organized, likes to take charge, and practices hard until she masters whatever she puts her mind to. The girl who has our hearts.
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