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Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Golden Year Comes To An End

All good things must come to and end, and our Golden Year of all 3 kids in the same building has sadly ended. It was a great year, though!
Each year there is a cup stacking tournament on the last day of school. Mrs. Adrienne has playoffs leading up to the 6 fastest kids in each grade. Our Lijee made the cut this year!

Here he is pregame with his buddies Alberto, Gabe, Luis and Lester.
Patiently waiting his turn. OK, maybe just waiting not so patiently.
 The whole school was watching.
Since a lot of 5th graders know him and a lot of 3rd graders know him, a lot of students were chanting, "Eli! Eli! Eli!" 
 And he's off!
He was trying so hard to go as fast as he could and he kept dropping the cups. Bummer. I'm still proud he made it to the finals!
Last day of school is also class parties. Here is Daisy with Kenley and Carson.
 The Daisy and Sam.
We have loved Michelle for the past 2 years.
Randi has been a great first teacher for Lijee and we're glad to have her again next year.
 The kinders had splash day. Here are Gabe, James and Elijah taking a break.
 Lester, Eli, James and Gabe = trouble.

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