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Sunday, June 18, 2017

In It To Win It!

The whole family was 'In It To Win It' for Daisy's birthday! We even had the Shaws and the Nemetis join us for the fun and games.

First up: the big ole ball of Saran Wrap with lots of candy!
After that: Left, Right & Center
Next: pass life savers san hands
Followed by: a sort of cup stacking and unstacking game
Then: egg toss
Enjoyed by everyone!
 Steph and her boyfriend were the winners. They had a celebratory toss, which proved to be one too many. She was a good sport. A stinky, egg-smelling sport, but a good one.
 The next round Daisy was afraid to catch it and kept ducking when it came to her, but it would not break when it hit the grass. She was wondering if it was hard boiled, until...
 she finally caught it and it busted in her hands.
After that: photo scavenger hunt
My favorite photo find was nose hair.
Finally: cake!
Last but certainly not least: hugs all around!

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