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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lucky 13

For our anniversary, my amazing husband of 13 years and I decided to have the our children treat us to dinner. A good family starts with a good marriage, so we wanted them to honor our commitment to each other.

When I told them our plan, Zeke warned me that they didn't know how to cook and they would burn the food. I ignored that and made them forge on.

Both Zeke and Daisy made a 'menu' for us(there was no choice involved, but we still got to chose our meal). We chose grilled sausage, steamed vegetables, baked mashed potatoes, and cookies for dessert. Elijah prepped and cleaned the table for us.
Francesca peeled, cut and prepped the veg. Zekers was in charge of the grill.
Things were going quite splendidly. Until they weren't.

With a fair amount of urgency the chef yelled, "Mom, the grill's on fire!" I would have taken a picture, but since the whole thing was nearly engulfed, I was more concerned with getting the fire out. My amazing husband of 13 years saved the day.
The sausages were salvageable and we had a lovely meal with our three lovely children who prepared it.
After Zeke nearly caught the back patio on fire, Daisy nearly caught the house of fire as she prepared our dessert. But my amazing husband of 13 years saved the day again and grabbed the pan of cookies from the toaster oven. 
I am thankful for my amazing husband of 13 years and the wonderful family we have created together.
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