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Monday, January 23, 2017

Six Degrees of Random Birthday Fun

I really like to theme it out for birthday parties. Lijee's 6th birthday party was a big ole mix of randomness that is my baby boy. It was perfect.

Friday Mommy and Daddy brought some birthday lunch to school.
 We did a class treat at school, too.
On his actual birthday we started the day with a few shenanigans by Zekers and then a pre-breakfast gift. This is a post-shot of the tape that was over the door.
 My youngest now needs two hands to show his age.
When I first asked Elijah what he wanted to do for his party he just wanted to go with family to Simply Fondue. I suggested we could do a matinee and see Rogue One before. Then he decided he wanted to invite a few friends. So we added the Movie Tavern and pizza to the party roster. Next we discovered the movie was PG-13 and maybe we shouldn't bring a bunch of six-year olds; Rogue One was changed to Sing! Finally we decided to do fondue at home with just the family instead of the restaurant. As random as it was, it was a plan.
After the movie the kids played in the yard.
 Daisy, James, Lijee, Zekers, Lester and Gabe had a great time. It totally made it more fun that Daddy was in the middle of putting up a new fence so there were boards and tools and a water hose and (thanks to those little helpers) mud all over.
They came inside long enough for cake.
 Birthday Boy chose a cookie dough cake. He's got good taste.
On the way home the boys were into their party favor--a Where's Waldo type of book but with Star Wars.
This little boy loves him some Star Wars. Just like his Pops.
 The Mommy loves The Lijee.
 Fondue dippings for basic chocolate, chocolate-caramel and white chocolate sauces. Ima say it was just as good as the fancy restaurant.
 Grannie joined us for 'fun'due.
 Once the candles were lit the kids decided to roast their marshmallows like the restaurant.
 We were playing and he had to stop to use the restroom. Elijah instructed me to say, "Pew! Pew!" to the appropriate ships. True story.
 He does not smile well on cue, but when I catch a real smile, it is absolutely precious.
 Sibling love.
Happy birthday to my favorite six year old!
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