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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Brace Yourself--Our Zekers is Growing Up

We're in the middle of a year and a half long process.  It all started back in December of 2013 when he lost 6 teeth at once.
He was toothless for awhile. When they started coming back, the two big ones up front did not leave space for the little ones beside them to go in.
Finally those little side teeth decided to come in even if there was not enough space.
 Six weeks ago he got an expander. It's inside his teeth and you can't really see them.

Yesterday was the first day you could really see the work being done on Zeker's teeth: he got braces on the top.
Zeke has the best laugh, and in about 16 months he'll have a great set of teeth to go with his smile.
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