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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five years: The Bluegrass Anniversary

A few weeks ago Abe and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. Congratulations to us! We (...or was it all me?) decided to celebrate our anniversary every year in a different country. It has worked out for us so far: married in Jamaica, 1st year Canada, 2nd year Mexico, 3rd year England, 4th year Puerto Rico. Somebody threw a wrench in our plan this year. I don't want to name names but she's a couple months old and nursing. [insert combination cough/mumble 'Daisy!' here.] So we took a trip to visit Sister and Co. in Louisville.
This was Ezekiel's first plane trip that he realized what what going on. He was pretty pumped that we got to ride on a bus and then an airplane. That's the way we roll.

Zeke was loving having 3 constant playmates around 24-7. He didn't care that he was the youngest of the boys, but they all got a little tired of him messing their stuff up. And to be fair, he broke Nathan's squish ball and Nick's watergun and probably something of Alex's we haven't discovered yet. And Abe broke a plate, which Nick informed him he "was going to tell his Daddy when he got home!"

I can't say that Daisy was as excited to see the boys as Zekers was.

We went to the Speed Museum in Louisville, went swimming, and we spent a beautiful cool day at Huber Farm in Indiana. The kids did all kinds of fun stuff, as you can see from the pics.

Oh, and Nick was helping Zeke potty train whilst we were there.
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